New For 2017: Mountain Meds

CECBR has partnered with Mountain Meds as the provider of all camper daily prescriptions, daily OTC medications and daily vitamins to be administered next summer. Medications that are “as needed” or injectable, such as Epi-pens, allergy shots and growth hormone shots will not be facilitated through this service and should be sent 1 week prior to the start of camp or brought on the bus. Medications prescribed by camp physicians will continue to be called into our local pharmacies. The pre-packaged medication program is required for any camper taking daily medications.

Mountain Meds, is a service provided by Rock Hill Healthmart Pharmacy.  We have partnered with them to provide a safe, secure and cost-effective method for managing your camper’s medication throughout the summer while at camp with the same level of care and concern that you do.

Processed through the Rock Hill Healthmart Pharmacy, Mountain Meds will create an electronic health record and the pre-packaged medications for your camper will be delivered directly to their camp prior to their arrival.   Each medication will be shipped in sealed packages, clearly labeled with your camper’s name, dispensing instructions and a chart to ensure that all doses are given.

Mountain Meds has created the following documents for you, as a reference to help
complete this process and ensure a healthy and safe summer for the best possible camp experience for your camper. We recommend reviewing these documents now, and consulting them as needed in the months leading up to the summer.

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