Summer is for family, summer is for friends, and summer is definitely for EBR. As we reimagine the CECBR experience we can provide to families, we expect the sunny days at play and star-filled nights by the campfire will offer families the relaxation, wellness and enjoyment we all crave in our lives right now. This unique experience is open to all current and past families, alumni, and friends of EBR. The CECBR team will be leading special day time and evening activities with each day open for your enjoyment of our campus. ‘Home @ EBR’ will bring back the warm memories of camp traditions from summers past and create new memories for families to cherish for years to come. In addition to our traditional camp activities, there will be a focus on the health of mind and body through unique nature and fitness programming. Join us for fun, relaxation and time with family and friends - leave with the warmth and memories that your family together with EBR can create.

Come Home To Equinunk & Blue Ridge This Summer

Available Dates

  • July 16th- 19th
  • July 23rd- 26th
  • July 30th- August 2nd
  • August 6th - 9th
  • August 13th- 16th
  • August 20th- 23rd
  • August 27th- 30th

Thursday through Sunday
Check-in: 11:00am / Check-out: 12:00pm

* Initial registration open for weeks of July 16th through August 16th.

All-inclusive pricing

4 day, 3 night stays in a private cabin for up to 4 family members.

$2,850 Currently Enrolled Camp Families

$3,250 Alumni, Family & Friends

Register Here

$350 additional per family member cost for those 5 years and older

Enrolled families may apply their 2020 tuition payments to the cost of 'Home @ EBR'

Enrollment Terms +

A Day Spent Home @ EBR

  • Freedom to explore and enjoy our beautiful campus and facilities with a daily selection of classes and activities.
  • Exciting evening programming to bring families together for special traditions, good laughs and of course s'mores.
  • Supervision provided by parent(s) or guardian(s) while the EBR team will be on hand to provide programmatic experiences.
    • Aunts and Uncles may be designated by parents to provide supervision for their children with the appropriate waiver.
  • Social distancing measures are encouraged and will be at the discretion of families, with camp staff in masks as appropriate.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with afternoon snack and a camp favorite, milk-bar, will be provided to all families.
  • The 'Camp Canteen' will be open daily for sundries and 'Home @ EBR' gear.
  • Spend time with your family and reconnect with your EBR family, including some of your favorite staff members.

Day Camp Activities

  • Athletics: Basketball, Flag Football, Gaga, Golf, Hockey, Kickball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Wiffleball/Baseball.
  • Arts and Crafts including tie dye with Stan (bring a white t-shirt!)
  • Adventure: Archery and Hiking to Salamander Springs
  • Outdoor pool and slide

Evening Camp Activities

  • Tribes Campfire and S'mores
  • Staff & Family Talent Show
  • Family Gameshow & Trivia Night
  • Outdoor Movie Night
  • Late-night Acoustic Session by the Campfire

Scheduled Activities with Home@EBR Team

  • Lake activities: boating, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, fishing
  • Fitness: Yoga, Pilates, exercise classes

Off-Campus and "Add On" Family Experiences (additional cost applies)

  • Delaware River Kayak or Tubing Trip with Northeast Wilderness Experience
  • Golf at French Woods Golf Course
  • Birthday celebration package
  • Private family campfires and s'mores
  • Private family sleep-outs in the tree house
COVID-19 Health and Safety Plans

Download Health & Safety Protocols

Will we have to social distance?

Social distancing measures are encouraged and will be at the discretion of families, with camp staff in masks, as appropriate.

Will I have to wear a mask?

Families and staff will be required to wear a mask when social distancing cannot be adhered to (i.e. while being fitted for a lifejacket for boating activities, while staff are serving meals, etc.).

Will we have to social distance at activities?

Social distancing at activities will be encouraged. Home @ EBR scheduled day and evening activities will be organized and set-up with social distancing protocols in mind.

What is the protocol for staff?

A protocol has been developed, and arrangements have been made, to secure weekly COVID-19 testing for all staff members should infection rates and medical professionals dictate.

Will there be a screening process upon arrival?

The completion of a health questionnaire and temperature check upon arrival will be required.

What happens if a member of our family starts to show symptoms of COVID-19 while at Home @ EBR?

If any person (staff or family) exhibits COVID -19 signs or symptoms they will be isolated until they can receive a test and a medical consultation. Person(s) who test positive will be asked to depart camp and contact tracing will be initiated.

Families who test positive and therefore depart camp will receive a pro-rated refund.

Cleaning and Sanitation

What cleaning and sanitizing will take place?

  • The week of July 13th, prior to opening, all interior spaces in camp will receive an electrostatic spray delivery of Viaclean's BIOPROTECT long-lasting antiviral and antibacterial disinfectant (90-day life).
  • Cabins and all common indoor areas will be cleaned and sanitized in-between sessions by a electrostatic spray delivery of EvaClean's PURTABS disinfectant – approved for COVID-19 use – EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located around campus, including all activity areas and buildings.
  • Hand washing will be required before and after every meal and encouraged throughout the day.
  • Kitchen/Mess Hall will be disinfected after every meal.
  • Our housekeeping team will clean all public and private bathrooms (unless requested otherwise by families), common spaces, and doorknobs throughout the day.
  • Instructional areas and sports equipment will be sanitized after each use.
Meal Service

What meals will be provided?

Thursday - Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner & Milk Bar;
Friday & Saturday - Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner & Milk Bar;
Sunday - Breakfast.

Our canteen will be open each evening to purchase additional snacks. Dining facilities will be cleaned after each meal.

How and where will our food be served?

Meals will be served family style with the option of enjoying your meal(s) in our outdoor picnic area or inside our Mess Hall. Regardless of where you eat, each family will have their own assigned table which will be spaced out to allow for social distancing.

What food will be served?

A health forward menu has been created to cater to the needs of adults and children along with supplements at each meal highlighting many camp favorites, of course including mushy cookies!

What dietary restrictions and allergies needs can be accommodated?

As always, CECBR remains a peanut and tree-nut free facility, nor will serve any sesame products be served. We will be happy to offer gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options as requested in advance.

What outside food is allowed?

If you would like to bring your own food, you may do so provided that it is peanut, tree-nut and sesame free. There is no refrigeration available to store your food, however, bags of ice are available for purchase for your personal cooler. CECBR will remain alcohol free and adult beverages are prohibited.

You may leave campus for meals and other dining. We ask that if you plan to enjoy these outside meals at camp, that you still follow procedure for dining at assigned tables or areas.


What does a cabin consist of?

A cabin is defined as one building that has its own bathroom facilities; most buildings (cabins) hold two camp bunks and a bathroom area. Therefore, most families will have the entire building consisting of the two sleeping areas, the bathroom, and a porch.

How many people are permitted in each cabin?

For the purposes of health and safety precautions, there will be a 6 person maximum in each cabin.

Can I reserve a specific cabin?

Cabins will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Depending on interest, we may offer accommodations on both Equinunk and Blue Ridge campus so families may state their preference during registration.

Do you offer cabins for persons with accessibility requirements?

We have a number of accommodations to meet various needs. Please inquire with our office about these accommodations.

What items am I restricted from bringing into my cabin?

We kindly ask that families do not bring the following items: sparklers, fireworks, candles, hair-irons, mini-fridges, air conditioners.

Can people be in my cabin who are not part of my household?

Cabin reservations are for households who live together throughout the year and may include parent(s), child(ren) and live-in nannies. Related families and family friends are welcome to share a cabin (double bunk). Pricing will be reduced to $2,400 per family, individual household registration is required and availability is limited.

Can other families come to my cabin?

We kindly ask that families do not visit other bunks. Social distancing areas will be set up around campus for groups to get together and socialize.

Rainy Days

Our Home @ EBR team will be ready to offer a fun-filled rainy day schedule. Credits/refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather. A cool afternoon shower on a hot summer day often provides an opportunity to dance in the rain... please remember your umbrellas and raincoats.


Will there be medical staff on campus?

Home @ EBR will be staffed by a nurse during your stay to assist with any acute medical needs. Our camp directors will be available to assist you or refer you to local medical facilities if additional medical treatment is necessary. Families are responsible for bringing their own OTC and prescription medications.

Will first aid kits/EPI-Pens be available around campus?

Yes, although those with allergies must bring their own EPI-Pen, our nurse and camp staff will have access to emergency first aid equipment including AEDs, EPI-Pens and bandages.

Packing list

Recommended Clothing

T-shirts, shorts, long pants, sweatshirt or warm jacket, raincoat, bathing suits, socks, underwear, pj's, sunglasses, hats/caps, sneakers, water shoes, white t-shirt for tie dye.


Twin sheets, blanket/sleeping bag, pillow/pillowcase, hand/bath towels, lake towels for each family member.


Sunscreen, body wash, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, bug spray, OTC medication. (Camp will have limited supplies for purchase in the case you forget something.)


We would like to encourage each family to bring as much personal equipment as possible. However, our team will be on hand to provide each family with sports equipment to use throughout the session should you need it. All shared equipment will be regularly cleaned and sanitized to the PA and CDC guidelines. If you would like to participate in the following activities we ask you to please bring your own tennis racquets, baseball mitts and rollerblades for hockey.


Face coverings, hand sanitizer, chargers, water bottle, and flashlight.


Day pack for hiking, hiking boots, folding chair(s), cooler, yoga mat(s), battery operated fan(s), umbrella(s), musical instrument(s), goggles, books, gameboards, cards.


Products containing peanuts/tree nuts, sparklers or fireworks, candles, scooters, skateboards, alcohol and tobacco products.

'The Canteen' - Camp Store

General hygiene products will be provided as needed: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, feminine products, razors, and shaving cream.

Available for purchase: sunscreen, after-sun, bug spray, bags of ice and 'Home @ EBR' gear.


Can we bring our pet?

While we love your furry, hairy, reptilian and aquatic friends, however, we are cognizant that not everyone does or may be allergic. Therefore, we kindly ask that your pets and emotional support animals remain at home. Service dogs are of course welcome, please notify us in advance.

Is there WiFi?

Since this is Home @ EBR, we encourage you to take some time to be tech-free. However, we understand that the world is still spinning. Open Wifi access will be available in designated areas. Please note given our remote location we occasionally have outages.

Will I have service on my mobile device while at EBR?

Cellular service is strongest in our area on the Verizon network, other providers' networks in our area provide intermittent coverage.

Will there be an allocated area for me to conduct my business?

While we are able to offer a quiet space for remote work access, please understand that this may be a shared space and may not always have WiFi access.

Can we leave campus during the week?

While we encourage families to stay on site, we recognize that exploring the Equinunk, PA area may also be of interest. We will be providing recommendations of places to see around town, should you decide to venture out. If there are items you need or have forgotten we may have them available in our canteen.

How do we travel around campus?

When you arrive, you will be directed to a designated parking lot where your car must remain during your stay. Non-camp vehicles are prohibited from driving on campus. Please keep in mind that camp is a rugged terrain and there will not be golf carts available for transportation.

Will alcoholic beverages be allowed on campus?

We would like our camp to remain a wholesome and family-friendly environment, therefore we ask that you do not bring any alcohol on campus.

Are tobacco and other smoking products permitted on campus?

No, any form of tobacco, e-cigarette, or vaping is strictly prohibited on campus. However, designated smoking areas will be available in our off-campus maintenance area.

Enrollment Terms

  • Registration will be opened to current camp families on Monday, June 15th followed by alumni, friends and family on Tuesday, June 16th.
  • Enrolled families may apply their 2020 tuition payments to the cost of 'Home @ EBR.'
  • For Current Camp Families - payments will be processed at time of registration through your 'MyEBR account.'
  • For Alumni, Friends and Family - your event registration will create a unique camp account in our database for payment processing.
  • Check and credit card payments welcome.
  • All cancellations received with more than 2 weeks notice will be assessed a $125 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations received with less than 2 weeks notice will be assessed an additional $375 cancellation fee if the cabin cannot be rebooked.
  • A COVID-19 diagnostic test may be required for all participants to be taken 72 hours prior to their arrival. Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge staff may be tested weekly as well. This determination will be made in the first week of July and will be based on current infection rates and guidance from medical professionals.
  • The completion of a health questionaire and temperature check upon arrival will be required.
  • Cabin reservations are for households who live together throughout the year and may include parent(s), child(ren) and live-in nannies. A cabin is defined as one building that has its own bathroom facilities; most buildings (cabins) hold two camp bunks and a bathroom area - therefore most families will have the entire building consisting of the two sleeping areas and the bathroom. Related families and family friends are welcome to share a cabin (double bunk). Pricing will be reduced to $2,400 per family, individual household registration is required and availability is limited.