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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Lessons
Every summer we are fortunate to have counselors on staff who
are proficient in Hebrew and capable in helping campers prepare
for their upcoming bar/bat-mitzvahs. These lessons take place
once a week during rest hour and are scheduled in camp to not conflict with any other activities or events.
There is no additional charge for this service. Campers should bring their preparation materials with them to camp. Please contact the camp office in advance to arrange for lessons.
Big Sisters/Big Buddies
Our younger campers receive a big sister (Blue Ridge) or a big buddy (Equinunk). The oldest campers serve as the big sisters and big buddies. Once the children arrive, they will be matched up with their sister/buddy. As campers who were once young and new themselves, they will be there to help their younger sisters/buddies transition into camp life, learn the cheers and songs, and teach the traditions of CECBR. This program begins the first day of camp and continues throughout the summer.
Friday Nights
While we are not a religious camp, both Equinunk and Blue Ridge enjoy a traditional Friday night Shabbat dinner followed by evening services where boys and girls partake in songs, responsive reading and experience an inspirational or traditional story by one of the Camp Directors.
The ‘B’ and ‘E’ Awards
Among the greatest of impacts we hope for the EBR Experience to have on our campersandstaffistostrengthentheircharacter. Inmakingnewfriends,growing closer with existing friends, trying new activities, showing and being the recipient of empathy, learning from counselors, being kind and showing integrity are all experiences at Equinunk and Blue Ridge that help to build one’s character.
Each week at our Friday Night Services, campers and staff are selected by the counselors and camp leadership to receive a ‘B’ or ‘E’ Award recognition. A plaque in each bunk list the award criteria and camp staff speak about the characteristics throughout the week when discussing camper and staff expectations.

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