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On Tuesday nights at Equinunk and Thursday nights at Blue Ridge campers and staff embrace over 100 years of history and tradition. Following great evening BBQs, each camp divides into their "tribes" and gathers around their respective Tribal Council (campfire) Rings. The evening is filled with folklore, lighting and discussing the lamps of truth, honor, beauty, and fortitude, camper and staff recognitions, sharing our "scouting reports" of the natural beauty around us, tribal competitions, and the singing of taps. It is during this weekly tradition that the tapestry of CE and CBR is passed down from generation to generation.
Owl Recognitions
At ’Tribes,’ campers and counselors come forward to read each of the four lamps and share their interpretation of the lamp’smeaningtocamplife. Duringthistime,werecognize campers and counselors who have exemplified one of these lessons. This is a wonderful opportunity each week to reinforce the importance of the lessons of the four lamps.
The Four Lamps of The Central Fire:
¨ Be clean, both yourself and the place you live in
¨ Understand and care for your body
¨ Be a friend to all harmless wildlife and conserve the woods and flowers
¨ Word of honor is sacred
¨ Play fair, foul play is treachery
¨ Be brave, courage is the noblest of all attainments
¨ Be silent when your elders or peers are speaking
¨ Be kind, do at least one act of un-bargaining service each day
¨ Be helpful, do your share of the work
¨ Be joyful, seek the joy of being alive

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