Page 24 - CECBR 2023 Parent Handbook
P. 24

Camper Integrity Code
“A character of integrity and empathy is essential in honoring the values of our CECBR community. I pledge to conduct myself honorably and in a way that shows pride in myself, my family, my camp and my community.”
Good character at Equinunk and Blue Ridge is universal throughout one’s journey; from camper, to counselor, to leadership.
At CECBR we:
• Feel empathy towards others
• Appreciate and respect our differences
• Show respect to campers, counselors and support team alike in action
and words
• Hold ourself to the highest standards of demeanor and sportsmanship
at all activities and inter-camps; we are fun to play on a team with and
• Participate in all activities
• Are truthful in word and deed
• Hold ourselves accountable on occasions when not acting with integrity
• Are willing to move forward even when faced with defeat or
• Are clean and respectful to ourselves and the place we live
• Keep our word
• Display courage when standing up for what is right
• Strive to uphold a wholesome, integral and nurturing environment
• Embrace the camp family and act to include everyone in it
• Care for and support other campers
• Embrace and strengthen the traditions that define our culture
• Seek the joy of our days in camp together and are thankful to our
families for this opportunity

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