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Summer Online Tools
As mentioned above, this area of our website is password protected, therefore we are only able to give this information to parents or legal guardians. For the safety of our campers, please be very selective with whom you decide to share your login and password. You may create a guest account to share with select family and friends, so they can view photos or email your child.
Purchase one-way e-mails to write to your camper all summer Keep up to date with camp news
New photos uploaded everyday
Travel To and From Camp
Travel assignments will be emailed in June provided that all necessary forms have been received. For any changes that need to be made, please call the camp office.
Bus Travel
Þ Arrive 30 mins. before departure time.
Þ Camp Uniform is required for the bus trip. It’s a good idea to pack a
sweatshirt or jacket as the buses are air conditioned.
Þ Pack a light lunch and drink for the trip, please remember items with nuts, nut products, or products processed in a facility with nuts of any kind are NOT allowed on our buses. Additionally, please DO NOT send foods containing sesame seeds or oils.
Þ Carry-on luggage is limited to ONE piece per child. Please print camper’s name clearly on the bag.
Þ If your child is carrying last minute doses of medication or forms (previously authorized by camp directors) please hand those items to your bus captain upon arrival. All items must be labeled clearly with your child’s name printed on the plastic bag/envelope. Emergency medications (epi-pens and emergency inhalers) should travel on the bus with the camper.
Þ In order to have a timely departure, please do not prolong your goodbyes.
Þ Only campers and camp staff are permitted on buses.

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