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Mail For Campers
• While the one-way e-mail service through MyEBR may be
the most convenient way to write to your child, we see
every day how excited campers are to open and read a handwritten letter. We suggest finding a nice balance between the two.
• Mail is very important to campers during the summer. We recommend sending a letter one week before your child leaves for camp, so they have a letter on the first day of mail delivery. (see below for mailing address)
• Supply ample amounts of stationary, pre-addressed envelopes, stamps, and pre-stamped and addressed postcards.
• Please keep letters to campers positive and encouraging.
• Remember: Mail can be slow. Mail you receive may be dated. If there appears to be a problem, it has probably already been resolved so don’t panic! As always, you are more than welcome to call anytime to speak with your child’s Grouphead.
• Packages: We have a no package policy at camp. The only exceptions are birthday packages or necessary replacement items that have been pre- approved by the Camp Director, Head Counselor, or Grouphead. Anything that has not been approved will be held and returned on Visiting Day or at the end of camp. Please be sure to share this policy with your extended family members.
Please send letters to:
If you will be away from home during the summer, please do not forget to provide us with your contact information. If you are traveling overseas, we would also suggest you provide us with an alternative emergency contact person within the US. You can email this information to [email protected]

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