Page 13 - CECBR 2023 Parent Handbook
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 Air Travel (Florida campers)
Þ Camp uniform is required for the trip.
Þ Arrive no less than one and a half hours before flight. A staff member will meet you and your child at the prearranged departure meeting spot.
Þ Pack a light lunch and drink for the trip, please remember items with nuts, nut products, or products processed in a facility with nuts of any kind are NOT allowed. Additionally, please DO NOT send foods containing sesame seeds or oils.
Þ If your child is carrying medication or forms on the plane (previously authorized by camp directors), please hand those items to the camp staff member upon arrival. All items must be labeled clearly with your child’s name printed on the plastic bag/envelope as well as the medication. Emergency medications (epi-pens and emergency inhalers) should travel on the bus with the camper.
Þ No checked baggage is permitted. Travel From Camp
Camp Health Information Health Center
• Our primary goal is the safety and health of all of our campers. Our Health Centers are well equipped and staffed by a team of exceptional RN’s and a Medical Doctor in residence 24 hours a day.
• If your child is admitted to the Health Center overnight, you will be called either at the time of admittance or in the morning, depending on the severity. Our Health Center staff will always keep you informed if your child is prescribed medication or referred to an outside provider.
   We will be confirming travel with families the week prior to the end of the
 summer. Bus stop locations will be communicated at that time as well. Please
 contact our camp office if your campers' from-camp travel plans are different
from their to-camp travel plans.

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