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Lice Program !
Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge are committed to the safety and
well-being of everyone in our camp community. While lice are not
harmful, it is an unpleasant experience that we would like to avoid.
We have adopted a unilateral approach to the prevention and treatment of head lice. All campers and staff are screened upon arrival at camp. Our lice prevention and treatment program will be fully outlined in a separate email in June.
Visiting Day
Visiting Day guidelines will be e-mailed to you during the summer.
Visiting Day is on a Saturday in the middle of July. The date can be found on the camp website under important dates. The following day, Sunday, is designated for parents requiring a separate visit and must be arranged with the camp in advance. Campers are not permitted to leave the campgrounds on these days without expressed permission from the Directors.
The boys at Equinunk will be dismissed from their camp activity at 9:40am. This permits parents with children at both camps to meet their sons at Equinunk and walk with them to Blue Ridge to meet their daughters at 10:00am. Our staff will open our gates and begin parking cars from 8:30am.
Visiting Day will conclude for both camps midafternoon. We ask you to make your “good-byes” 15 minutes prior to departure to permit our younger children to have a general swim with their “Big Sisters” and “Big Buddies.” Your cooperation will enable the children to get back into camp routines as quickly and smoothly as possible.
• DO NOT BRING ANY FOOD THAT CONTAINS NUT PRODUCTS OF ANY KIND or any food to camp that contains sesame seeds or oils. Please carefully read each label to ensure any food you bring is not made or processed in a factory or on equipment that may contain/handle or has traces of nuts. This includes baked goods either homemade or purchased.
• No pets are allowed at camp at any time.
• In alleviating the stress, competition, and financial pressures while protecting the integrity and wholesome nature of our uniform we have specific guidelines for bunk gifts (please refer to our spring email).

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