Page 25 - CECBR 2023 Parent Handbook
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Lower Camp Integrity Code: 2nd – 6th grade
Acting without integrity at Equinunk and Blue Ridge is likely to have a negative impact on the experience of other campers, counselors and oneself. I pledge to conduct myself honorably and agree the following behaviors are contrary to upholding our CECBR values.
I agree the following behaviors put myself, and others, at risk and may result in my suspension or dismissal
• Physical acts of bullying that include hitting, kicking, biting or pushing
• Physical, Sexual, Verbal Abuse
• Engaging in sexual acts and inappropriate sexual conversation
• Leaving the bunk at night without a counselor
• Leaving campus without permission or walking off camp property
• Entering the lake or pool without camp lifeguards
• Making comments or jokes to or about people that involve a person’s race, culture, sexual
orientation, religion or where they are from
I will treat all campers with respect and be mindful to not partake in the following behaviors:
• Bullying and name-calling
• Cursing
• Excluding others from joining group games and activities
• Behaving in a manner that is embarrassing, uncomfortable or inappropriate towards, or
about, the opposite gender at coed events
• Lying or making false accusations about the behavior of others
• Intentionally keep bunkmates awake at night or wake them up early
• Exerting negative peer pressure by forcing someone to do something that they do not
want to
• Uncleanliness of self, area, bunk and campus
• Annoying behavior that negatively impacts other campers
• not helping during clean-up, sitting on another person’s bed when asked not to, not respecting bunkmates' space, borrowing items without permission, or being selective in who may borrow mine
I will treat counselors and support team members with respect and be mindful to not partake in the following behaviors:
• Being disrespectful or impolite
• Not listening to directions
• Lying to or making false accusations about staff
• Going through their belongings
• Not showing appreciation to support team members (waitstaff, maintenance, medical,

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