Page 26 - Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge Parent Handbook
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and now to the fun stuff.......
 Union Lake contains approximately 488,777,143 gallons of water
Did You Know???
There are 3 varieties of apple trees and 3 varieties of berries across the CECBR campus
  In the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s campers and staff would travel to camp on the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad from Hoboken, NJ to Honesdale, PA.
  SUMMER 2023 is BLUE RIDGE’S 100th Anniversary!
In 1920 Equinunk campers lived in 5 tents alongside what is now the hotel hill.
On average, 25 countries from around the world are represented at CECBR each summer.
  In the winter of 1919 when Edward Lehrer (Chiefy) first speculated the camp property. Ed, as the tale goes, turned to Bert Bringing (our first caretaker) and said, “You can’t have camp without a lake.” Bert gestured towards Union Lake, which was frozen and covered with snow. “Trust me,” he said, “It’s there.”

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