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 Smoking, Drinking, and Illegal substances
• At no time during the summer either on or off campus are campers allowed to smoke, vape, drink alcohol or use drugs of any kind. Camp is a nonalcoholic, nonsmoking and drug free environment. There are never any exceptions to this policy.
• All violators will be subject to a zero-tolerance standard and immediate dismissal with no tuition refund.
• Weapons of any kind are prohibited at camp. Anything that may be perceived as a weapon will be immediately confiscated and person in ownership is subject to further action.
• Animals of any kind are not to be brought to camp at any time (even for a visit.)
We will only accept soft trunks and duffels delivered by Century
Camp Trucking (561-200-5020) for families from NY, NJ, CT, or
PA or Camp Trunk Delivery (866-531-9918) for families living in FL, VA or MD. They are fully licensed and pick up at your home. The baggage is then delivered to camp and placed directly into your child’s bunk.
Camp baggage pickup will be in early to mid-June. This schedule enables our
staff to unpack for the lower camp during orientation (campers going into 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade).
In early spring our trucking companies will send out information directly to you to organize the collection and delivery of your camp trunks. The charge for this service is billed directly from the trucking company.
Please note: Our bus companies do not permit duffels or camp trunks on or under the bus in the storage compartments. Children are permitted ONE carry-on bag on the bus and a sports equipment bag under the bus. Please contact camp to discuss transportation of items that may still be needed after the trunks have been picked up.
UPS/Fed Ex - only for families who do not live in FL, NY, NJ, CT, MD, VA or PA. The shipping address is 788 Legends Path, Equinunk, PA 18417.
To Camp: Clearly mark all luggage with camper’s name and division. Call the camp office to advise of expected delivery date. Trunks must be delivered a week before camp starts; please do not lock them.

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