Page 17 - Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge Parent Handbook
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relevant date. If you want to include something for your child’s bunk mates that would be permissible.
Remember: NO nuts or sesame, if including a small treat and NO customized clothing or accessories are permitted.
Please share this policy with your friends and family. Only one box will be allowed.
Off - Campus Golf Plus Program
Our expanded golf package includes four trips to local golf courses. Campers receive lessons by pros and play on professional courses. The program includes four half-day trips, transportation, small group lessons and greens fees. Campers must bring a “starter set” to camp and should have two collared shirts for appropriate golf attire.
Horseback Riding
Campers receive riding lessons at a local stable. Campers must bring appropriate riding attire including boots and jeans.
Please note: Summer Birthdays, Off - Campus Golf Plus program and Horseback Riding information and sign up is available through your MyEBR account.
Blue Ridge Class/Equinunk Class
Blue Ridge Class takes place every Friday services and is held for one hour. This is a time when all brothers, cousins, and friends from Equinunk are invited to visit Blue Ridge to spend quality time with one another. Equinunk class takes place on Tuesday following lunch and is a special time for brothers and sisters to meet.
Canteen at “THE RIDGE” and “The Courtyard”
Canteen takes place at a weekly evening social which includes treats, and soft drinks. There is no charge or canteen fee.
Both Equinunk and Blue Ridge have a designated free swim period just about every day. Instructional swim takes place 4-6 days a week, depending on the age group and special camp events. All campers must pass a deep-water test before swimming in deep water, boating, or water skiing.

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