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We have a no tipping policy at camp. Our staff are all aware of this policy so please do not put them in an uncomfortable position. Staff members who violate this policy may be subject to dismissal. You may show your appreciation to a deserving staff member by writing a personal note of thanks.
Other Camp Information
Camp Dining
All meals at camp are served family style by our wait staff with the exception of weekly barbeques.
If your son/daughter has any allergies or dietary concerns that you have not already shared, please contact camp to discuss.
Nut & Food Allergies
All food served at Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge is nut and sesame seed free. Please do not bring nuts, nut products or sesame of any kind onto campus or include in your child’s lunch for the bus ride to camp. Please pay careful attention to all labels of packaged food to ensure they do not: “contain nuts,” “may have traces of nuts,” “processed in a factory or facility that handles nuts.”
Camp pays meticulous attention to detail. During the summer our Food Service Director and designated staff work closely with campers navigating food allergies. Please advise us if this applies to your child so that we may begin working with your family and our food service staff a few months before the start of camp. If your child requires special food for allergy or medical purposes, a doctor’s note must be provided.
Special Programs (Birthdays, Golf and Horseback Riding)
Summer Birthdays
Every camper who has a birthday in camp will have a mealtime celebration including singing, cheering, cake and balloons.
That evening after Taps, the celebration continues with a bunk pizza party. Parents may select a sandwich party (instead of the pizza party) for our older campers (grades 7-11) at an additional cost. You are able to send a package for this special day but please label it “Birthday” with the

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