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Mini camps are elective periods chosen by the campers, that occur 3-4 times per week. The electives are instructional based activities that the campers would like to experience more of, they are chosen at the beginning of each week.
Milk Bar
A daily nighttime tradition at CECBR where campers enjoy milk and cookies before bedtime.
In the late morning and early afternoon, our campers are provided with a healthy snack consisting of fresh fruit, pretzels, goldfish, cheese sticks, and/or other snacks. Campers with allergies will be provided with an alternative snack when necessary.
Bunk Gifts
Bunk gifts are only permitted for Visiting Day and must adhere to our guidelines (which will be emailed in the spring).
Bottled Water (Plastic Disposable)
BOTTLED WATER IS NOT PERMITTED. There are water fountains throughout the camp and on the porch of every bunk for drinking throughout the day. Our fresh mountain water is filtered, refrigerated, delicious and plentiful.
Racket Restringing
Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge are fortunate to have a great relationship with a tennis professional off-campus. If your child’s racket needs restringing, there will be a fee paid directly to the tennis pro and will be billed through your family’s account.
Roll of Quarters (CE)
On special occasions during the summer, the CE Senior group opens their soda, and Gatorade machines for younger campers to use. Please consider sending your Equinunk camper with a roll of quarters for these special occasions.
Spending Money
As we bring in outside entertainment our campers do not leave camp very often for trips. However, on the occasions that they do participate in a trip, all fees, admissions and meals are provided for by the camp. If you would like to provide your child with a small amount of spending money, for additional snacks or souvenirs, please send a check to the office with your child’s name and bunk number written on it (detailed information will be emailed in the spring).

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