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Packing lists are emailed in December
As a uniform camp, we require all campers to be in camp uniform items or solid grey, blue or red clothing throughout the day. During some special events and coed activities (disco, socials, square dancing, etc.) campers may wear non uniform clothing. Four to five appropriate casual outfits are recommended. (Logo’d uniform items from unofficial stores will not be permitted.)
Our official camp outfitters contact information & packing list can be found on our website at
Having a uniformed camp allows campers to be free of competitive dress. Please help us keep our camp environment simple and natural by eliminating all inappropriate clothing. Let the uniqueness of our campers shine through their character, not their clothing.
ALL items of clothing and/or equipment MUST be
labelled using sewn in labels or rub-a-dub markers to
reduce lost items throughout the summer (in our experience
iron-on labels and label stickers fall off, please do not use them.)
Campers should bring their own twin size bedding to camp.
Towel Service
Full towel service is provided by camp for showers, pool, and lake activities.
Sports Equipment
We recommend the following:
• Baseball/Softball mitt
• Baseball/Softball helmet (optional)
• Soccer shin guards
• Tennis racket
• Roller Blades (CE only) - Appropriate safety equipment IS MANDATORY;
Helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads. Rollerblading is not compulsory although strongly encouraged at Equinunk.

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