Page 7 - Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge Parent Handbook
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• Lacrosse/Hockey sticks and helmets - provided by camp however, if your child plays on a regular basis at home and prefers to bring their own, each CE group has a storage area.
• Golf clubs for Off - Campus Golf Trips (optional program) - must bring a “starter set” to camp and should have two collared shirts for appropriate golf attire.
• Horseback Riding Attire (optional program) - campers need appropriate riding attire including helmets, boots and jeans.
NO PLASTIC, CARDBOARD or SNAP DRAWERS are allowed at camp. Each camper has sufficient space for his/her clothing and accessories. There is no need to send extra drawers or shelving of any kind.
Please note: We are not responsible for baggage, clothing, electronics, cameras, sporting goods, laundry, etc., sent or brought to camp that may be damaged, lost, or stolen, either during transit or while at camp. (Secure yourself against the above by getting coverage under a broad personal effects floater policy.)
Electronics Policy at camp
Trying to preserve innocence in our camp environment in a technology driven world can be a difficult task.
Any devices with Wifi, video or gaming content, apps, messaging, or phone call capabilities are NOT allowed at camp.
Staff will be checking throughout the summer to make sure that campers are following the electronics policy. Any restricted items that are found will be confiscated and returned on visiting day or at the end of camp. We ask for your help in restricting the items listed in the table below.
      ALLOWED at Camp
           NOT allowed at Camp
       iPods (Nano’s, Shuffles or Touch) & MP3 players
(games, videos and messaging apps must be removed)
    Other devices with video content, messaging or internet/data capabilities including cell phones, apple watches,
laptops, kindles and other E-readers
       Camera (Disposable preferred)
          iPads, iPhones, Nintendo Switch and PSP Systems (not even for music purposes)

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