Welcome to Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge. Since 1920, our traditional summer  camps have been at the forefront of resident camping and have become a summer home to generations of campers, staff, and alumni. We are passionate about the  camp experience and value the history and traditions that continue to shape us.

The years spent growing up at Equinunk and Blue Ridge will have a profound  impact


The Co-ed Brother-Sister Experience

One Family. One Mission. Two Camps. 

Shared Values, Shared Purpose, Unique Traditions.

Camp Equinunk for Boys
Summer Camp for Boys in PA, Equinunk
Camp Blue Ridge for Girls
Summer Camp for Girls in PA, Blue Ridge
  • Camp Equinunk for Boys and Camp Blue Ridge for Girls are connected  campuses surrounding Union Lake. Boys and girls are separate for their  daily activities and meals, then come together for weekly evening activities  and special events.  
  • This allows our campers to truly focus on making deeply connected  friendships, develop their character and learn new skills without the social  pressures they might face at school. 
  • The brother-sister camp experience describes the family-like relationships  that our boys and girls develop while growing up alongside each other at  camp. While our youngest campers will enjoy 2-3 coed activities each week,  our oldest campers will see each other 5-6 times.  
  • For campers who are siblings, there is special visiting time two times per  week in addition to group co-ed and all-camp activities.
  • CECBR is family owned and operated with Sheryl, Richie and Adam guiding  the values and care for campers, parents and staff at both camps for over 35 years. While the full director team works together throughout the year, each camp has their own leadership team working alongside Sheryl at CBR and Adam at CE to provide personalized attention to each camp’s families.

The camping experience at CECBR is timeless. When you close your eyes it feels like it’s 1950. That sentiment begins with our leadership staff, almost all of whom  have been at camp for over 20 years, our homegrown counselor staff and our  longstanding international general and specialty counselors. With the majority of our leadership and counselor staff having experienced Equinunk and Blue Ridge first hand as children, they continue to celebrate the traditions that make us so  special with our campers and inherently understand how we care for children.