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About CECBR Summer CampAbout Us

Welcome to Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge. Since 1920, our traditional summer camps have been at the forefront of resident camping and have served as a summer home to hundreds of campers, staff, and alumni. We are passionate about the camping experience and value the history and traditions that continue to shape us.

We have made an incredible commitment to our camp families over the years, building state of the art facilities and hiring the best in staff, but more importantly, the thing we do take care of your children. Choosing a sleep away summer camp for your children is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your family. Our wholesome, inclusive, and nurturing environment, with the focus on childcare, allows us to ensure safe and happy campers, while creating memories that truly last a lifetime.

While we are one camp family, we are two separate summer camps in Pennsylvania. Camp Equinunk for Boys and Camp Blue Ridge for Girls are located just steps away from each other in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. We use the term "Brother-Sister" which perfectly describes our community and program, allowing "boys to be boys" and "girls to be girls." While our daytime programs are very much separate, we come together for evening activities, events, and special times for brothers and sisters, cousins and friends.

Conveniently located just 2 1/2 hours from the greater New York and Philadelphia areas the Equinunk and Blue Ridge campus sits on 400+ magnificent acres of fields and wooded trails and is divided by our 75-acre private spring-fed lake.

The camping experience at CECBR is timeless. When you close your eyes it feels like it's 1950 and that sentiment begins with our homegrown staff. Having experienced Equinunk and Blue Ridge firsthand as children, they continue to celebrate the traditions that make us so special with our campers.