There’s never a break in the action at Equinunk and Blue Ridge! Our highly anticipated Special Event days bring the tradition and spirit of our camps to the forefront! Campers look forward to the variety that Special Event Tuesdays bring! Events include:

Special Events at Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge
  • Red, White & Blue Day
  • Olympics
  • Alumni Day
  • Interspecies Day (CE)
  • Sports Day (CBR)
  • Serengeti Plains (CE)
  • Marty Gelobter Day
  • Tribal Day (CBR)
  • Carnival

Evening Activities

Every night is a blast at Equinunk and Blue Ridge! Perform or be in the audience of one of our spectacular Broadway-style productions. Give a “scout report” of something you have seen in nature at one of our Tribal campfires. Do-si-do the night away at square dancing. Watch a fantastic entertainer in the amphitheater, complete with a dance party afterwards! Disco and Cabaret are fun nights to get dressed up and dance to the beat of a DJ’s music. Our Group Sings are wonderful, traditional evenings at both Blue Ridge and Equinunk when each group performs songs that show off their spirit for camp and each other! Throughout each week, several of our evening programs will be coed as we come together as one camp family.

Color War

Nothing parallels the feeling our campers get during our Color War- Blue and Grey at Blue Ridge or Red and Gray at Equinunk. Nobody knows when this culminating event will begin (it’s our best kept secret!) but when it does, stars are born on the fields, in the bunks, and in each mess hall as campers play and cheer their hearts out for four days. During Color War, spirit and sportsmanship are paramount as campers showcase the skills that they have learned at their activities and their pride in the friendships they have formed. At Blue Ridge, Color War finishes with Sing, a beautiful musical tribute to Blue Ridge. At Equinunk, campers “bury the hatchets” in a touching ceremony. At both camps, we reunite as one family with memories to carry us through the winter at the War’s end.