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Sheryl and Richie

In the summer of 1991, a shy and sweet 9 year old boy took his first steps into the world of Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge. Never could he or his parents imagine that this would begin a journey so incredible and transformative that it would help shape his core values and career choices. For generations, parents have sent their sons and daughters to a community that is more than a summer camp, but rather into an enduring culture that has preserved the values of family, compassion, tradition, and childcare since 1920. It quickly became clear to that 9 year old, that returning to EBR each summer was really coming home, leaving the ordinary to step into the extraordinary.

Decades later, as a Director of Equinunk and Blue Ridge it is with tremendous dedication and passion that my family, leadership team and I ensure your sons and daughters are guided through experiences that will lead them to become better sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, and one day better mothers and fathers. The work we do has the potential not just to change lives, but to transform them. As one camper who became a counselor and color war chief describes it, "Equinunk and Blue Ridge is a place where your best friends become your brothers and sisters, and your brothers and sisters become your best friends. For it is not just the traditions that define us, but rather the people who pass them down."

Thank you for your trust, and valuing the timeless experience that is Equinunk & Blue Ridge. We are dedicated to the success of your children and take our role in their lives with great care and responsibility. We look forward to the many years that your family will be a part of ours.


Sheryl and Richie