2021 Blue Ridge Final Buzzer

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The Lineup: May 2021

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2021 New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia Trucking

Century Camp Trucking, LLC
5706 Kiowa Circle
Boynton Beach, Florida 33437



April 2021

Dear Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge Family, 

Summertime is just around the corner. It’s time to make arrangements for camp bags to get to & from camp.  We are pleased to be the exclusive baggage delivery service for Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge in the Metro NY/NJ/PHILA and their surrounding areas. We look forward to providing you with reliable baggage service we’ve provided summer camp families over the years. 


Century Camp Trucking LLC. will be accepting Credit Cards in addition to checks.

Our goal is to provide timely delivery of baggage both into and from the camp bunks.  We schedule pickups from your home in order for baggage to arrive at camp on June 19th, (just prior to Counselor Orientation), and return baggage to your home as soon as 1-4 days from the end of camp (conditions permitting).
Upon our receipt of your online baggage enrollment form and payment, you will receive a confirmation notice by Monday, June 7, along with your 2021 Century Camp Trucking bag tags (color coded by gender), with a specific service (pick-up) date in your area (estimated to be between June 14th-18th).
In order to plan all of the essential logistics involved, it is necessary that we receive your baggage enrollment form, with payment, no later than Friday, May 14th, 2021.  We are a PRE-PAID service.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your camp baggage or completing the form, please e-mail CCTcecbr@gmail.com or call us directly at 561-200-5020.  

Thank You, 

The Century Camp Trucking Team 

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2021 Florida, Maryland and Virginia Camp Trunk Delivery

Dear CECBR Families,

Camp Trunk Delivery (CTD) and Camp CECBR are proud to continue our partnership in servicing you and your families this upcoming summer. CTD has been in the summer camp luggage delivery business for over twenty-five years and has a proven track record of serving more than 20 camps and over 10,000 customers each summer. We believe our experience positions us as a trusted company to work with, and we hope you will come to feel the same way. We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to servicing your luggage needs.

As an organization, we are passionate about making luggage transportation as seamless as possible for you and your families. We meet these goals by continuously hiring proven and exceptional staff, frequently updating our technology and mindfully listening to customer feedback.

You can register for service by going to https://www.goctd.com/
To access your camp-specific site, please enter your email address and the name of the camp you are attending.

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to working together this summer.

AJ Stone Co-Owner
Marc Goldberg Co-Owner

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The Lineup: April 2021

Download the PDF version here!

“CECBR One Shining Moment”

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Download the PDF version here!

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2021 Medication Information

CECBR is continuing our partnership with Riverside Remedies in Callicoon, NY (our long-standing pharmacy for camp prescriptions) as the provider for the following medications to be administered in single-dose package form:

  • Daily prescriptions
  • Daily OTC medications
  • PRN (as needed) allergy medications
  • Daily Vitamins

* The single-dose packaged medication program is required for any camper taking the medications listed above.

The following medications will NOT be provided through this service and must either be mailed 1 week prior to the start of camp or brought with the camper on the bus:

  • Emergency medications such as Epi-pens, Benadryl and rescue inhalers
  • Daily inhalers or nebulizer medications
  • Allergy shots or growth hormone shots
  • Birth control pills
  • Lactaid pills or MiraLAX
  • Eye drops, ear drops, creams or ointments

Medications prescribed by camp physicians will continue to be called into our local pharmacies.

Detailed information on the service cost, submission of the prescription, and the “Riverside Remedies Enrollment Form” can be found at cecbr.com/meds

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The Lineup: February 2021

Download the PDF version here!

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The Lineup: January 2021

Download the PDF version here!

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A Poem by a Blue Ridge Camper

The Power of Hope Today

Gabrielle M.

Today’s hope is a flickering candle that dwells in a snow-dusted window,
circulating the prayers of Christmas mornings.
Today’s hope is the crisp daffodil in colorless photos,
containing the soul of a small
who only wishes and knows of
peace and love.
Today’s hope is the sparkling eyes that
truly believe in achieving
anything to reach unity.
Today’s hope is the palm to palm connection
bracing each other for the climb neither expected,
but couldn’t abandon.
Today’s hope is peering
the lingering barrier,
but still recognizing the diversity in ourselves.
Today’s hope has been dimmed and tossed recklessly,
but still generously stays with us,
for we cannot help but come back
like wide eyed children to candy.
We are said to be weak to rely on such strength,
but we are only believers.
That spark
That gives science a baffled case
And oceans an infinite plane,
is the eagle that dips
and soars
and fights,
which stands for
the hope of


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