2023 Season

New Family Picnic & Meeting
Sat., June 3rd 2023

First Day of Camp
Sun., June 25th 2023

Visiting Day
Sat., July 15th 2023

Last Day of Camp
Sat., Aug. 12th 2023

2023 Fees

Tuition for enrollments received by 9/30/22

Tuition for enrollments received on 10/1/22 or later

Available Credits:

$200 (additional credit) for tuition paid in full by 9/30/22

$1,500 third sibling credit

The camp tuition includes all camp activities, day trips, canteen fees, waterfront and shower towel service, as well as travel from NY, NJ, CT, PA, and MD. Tuition does not cover the cost of camp baggage delivery, uniforms or overnight trips for high school aged campers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do most Blue Ridge – Equinunk campers come from?
Last year we welcomed campers from 15 states and three foreign countries. Of course, certain areas are represented more heavily since friends tell friends and relatives do the same. Our largest group comes from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Baltimore/Washington, Pennsylvania and South Florida.
How will my camper get to camp?
Our well-organized transportation program uses air-conditioned coach buses with lavatories. Buses depart from a variety of greater New York City locations and from a carefully chosen Philadelphia point. All buses are supervised by senior camp staff members. We arrange chaperoned flights from south Florida.
Once my children get to camp – when will be the next time I hear from them?
While you will not have the opportunity to speak to your children until their first phone call of the season, our Group Heads/Directors will be in touch within 24 hours to let you know how your camper(s) are doing. You can always call us if you need to check in, but we want to remind you that often our Senior Staff are on campus with the campers. If you cannot connect right away, our Group Heads or Directors will get back to you as soon as possible.
What is the first day like?
It’s a blast! The fun starts as soon as you get off the bus, where your counselors will be waiting to take you right to your cabin. We’ll already have assigned you your own bed and we even unpack your things for you before you get here. You’ll meet your bunkmates, head out for a grand tour of camp, then back for an early dinner and an all-camp evening activity. What a way to begin!
Should I write a letter before camp starts?
Yes! Please remember to send a letter 5-7 days before camp starts. This way, when your camper arrives he/she will have a letter waiting for them on their beds from their favorite people in the world!
Do you have sports equipment at camp or do we need to pack our kids with everything?
We have plenty of sports equipment at camp, though every camper must pack a baseball/softball glove, a tennis racket, and shin guards for soccer. If your camper is an avid hockey or lacrosse player and wants to bring his/her own equipment to camp, that is something we encourage. Rollerblades should be sent for campers who would like to skate at camp. You must also send shin guards, elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet if they want to skate. We do ask that if you are sending your camper with their own equipment to label EVERYTHING (multiple times) to ensure that whatever you send to camp makes its way back home.

If bringing skating or lacrosse equipment, we also strongly recommend investing in a nice sized sports duffle bag where all of this equipment can be packed, stored (under the bus on the way to camp and in the appropriate location at camp), and sent back to you. The bag should also be labeled clearly.

How often will my camper be showering?
Every day, and singing is definitely allowed!
Will my camper wear camp clothes every day?
Yes, campers and staff all wear camp uniforms. Camp shirts are fun, colorful, and a great way to keep up the spirit and tradition!
What happens if my camper is homesick?
First, missing home is not a sickness – at some point or another we all miss the familiarity of home but our tremendous staff is trained to work with campers “missing home”, but to also be proactive in looking for the subtle signs of a difficult separation. Here are a couple of things we recommend before your child even arrives at camp:

Take time to familiarize your camper with what will be happening this summer. Let them know of all the incredible things they will be doing and the amazing people they will get to meet. Don’t make pick-up deals. Please do not tell your child that you will pick him/her up if they miss home. This only makes the situation worse if your child has a weak moment of missing home and believes that he/she will be picked up.

For more great tips on prepping your child for summer, please visit the Parent Center at CECBR.com

What precautions do you take for preventing lice at camp? If my child does get lice, what is the protocol?
We ask that all families do a Cetaphil treatment on their camper’s hair before camp starts – please read directions in our Spring Mailing. We check for lice after the children get off the bus, even before they go to their bunks. If lice is found, we do an Ovide treatment. If you would not like for your child to have Ovide used, please let us know when we call to let you know that he/she may have lice. The only other option at camp is to stay in the infirmary for 4-5 days until completely lice free or you may pick up your child from camp.
Who does my camper's laundry?
We do, every week, at our own on-site camp laundry.
What happens if my camper is sick?
If your child has a fever, he/she will be staying in the Health Center that night. Not only will a nurse call you to let you know, but you will speak with your child as well. If the fever continues for more than two days, he/she may feel more comfortable at home and may be picked up, but only after discussions with the doctor/camp director.
Will my camper have a big sister or big buddy?
Your daughter or son will get a big sister or big buddy on the first or second night of camp. This person is a role model and someone to give a little extra special attention to your daughter or son. This is a special relationship and is chosen by the Head Counselor, Camp Directors, and Group Heads.
How many counselors will be in my camper's bunk?
CECBR prides ourselves on our exceptional camper to counselor ratios. Bunks may have 7-10 campers with 2-3 counselors. One of whom will be a General Counselor. One of your son or daughters bunk counselors will be on-duty in their specific bunk each night.
Who cleans my camper’s bunk?
Every camper and counselor has a specially assigned “job” so that together we keep things neat. We have a professional housekeeping staff who clean bathrooms in our bunks twice a-day.
Do you have any religious services?
A large percentage of our campers come from Jewish homes, but we welcome children from all backgrounds, religions and faiths. We share Shabbat dinner and services, which are more a tradition than a true religious ritual. Friday evening programs conclude with stories written by Richie. The stories are warm and humorous, with kind messages.