Bunk Counselors

Bunk Counselors, referred to as “General Counselors,” will live in a bunk with 6-10 campers and at least one co-counselor. Throughout each day, counselors will travel to and from activities with their campers and actively engage and participate with them during the activity periods. Our general counselors spend most of their time with our children and play a crucial role in monitoring cleanliness in the bunk, hygiene of campers and eating habits during meal times and genuinely spend time getting to know each individual camper. The ideal general counselor at Equinunk and Blue Ridge is caring, compassionate, hard working, has experience working with children and is committed to having a positive impact on a child’s summer.

Specialist Counselors

Specialist Counselors will also live in a bunk with one or two other co-counselors, but will spend their days away from the bunk at a specialized activity area, working with all groups. Most importantly, when not leading an activity, our specialists resume the role of a general counselor monitoring the health, safety, and well-being of our campers. Specialty areas include athletics, waterfront, adventure, creative arts, music, media, dance, hobbies and theater. Specialty counselors have at least two years of experience teaching their selected specialty and a passion for working with children. We also prefer staff with coaching or teaching certifications.

Aquatics: As a specialty counselor on our Aquatics team, most of the day is spent either teaching swimming lessons or guarding while the children swim. In addition to Union Lake, both Equinunk and Blue Ridge are home to heated pools with salt-water filtration systems and underwater sound and light systems for night swims! The waterfront activities include; swimming, boating, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, tubing, water polo, a waterslide, water skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing and brand new Aqua Parks. Our Aquatics staff must be currently certified as lifeguards and undertake an intense week long training program that is conducted by experienced professionals in the industry.

Adventure: We offer an extensive adventure program encompassing elements with varying difficulties to accommodate both beginners and experienced climbers. For our campers to have as much fun as possible while staying safe at the same time, we hire and train an elite adventure staff to safely operate our adventure elements. Our adventure elements include a climbing wall, archery, mountain biking, fencing, and two comprehensive ropes courses that offer challenges appropriate for all ages. Making new friends and helping campers conquer their fears are just two examples of how being a member of our adventure team can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Program Area Leaders

Program Area Leaders and Head Coaches are on-site for 6.5 weeks and work with campers ages 7-16, who come to camp with different skill sets and playing experience. Coaches must be able to teach the fundamentals of the game while challenging our children who play in competitive leagues at home. Coaches live in staff housing and are expected to be role models and leadership figures throughout the summer. Program Area Leaders or Head Coaches must have 3-5 years of teaching or coaching experience, proper certifications and a passion for instructing children.

Health Center

Health Center staff are State Registered Nurses or Nurse Practitioners with strong skills, experience working with children, high energy, and a caring personality. Each of our modern health centers are staffed by a team of three in-camp nurses along with a doctor who is onsite 24/7 and a health center coordinator. Our health center is staffed at all times and duties include daily med call, triage and treatment of campers and staff, emergency on call, and general oversight of the health care needs of our camp community throughout the summer. Nurses must obtain Pennsylvania licensing, which camp will assist with and reimburse associated costs. Being part of our health center is a great opportunity to join a dedicated medical team in a fun and engaging environment.

Support Team

Support Team are fun, hardworking individuals from all over the world that together form the backbone of Equinunk and Blue Ridge. Through their work in the office, operations, housekeeping, maintenance and food service; the support team is the reason camp can run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Upon arrival to camp, support team members are assigned to specific areas based on their skills and experience. Support team live in shared housing with other team members and have the opportunity to participate in special events and activities. In addition to the great friends that are made throughout the summer and being part of our camp community, staff will gain valuable work experience that they can refer to for years to come. Members of our support team are hardworking, task oriented and motivated.

After an amazing summer working at Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge, you can walk away with incredible friendships, memories that last a lifetime and skills that can directly translate into your professional career. These skills include problem solving, decision making, self-discipline, leadership, and the experience of making a difference in the lives of our campers.