Sleep Away Camp for Girls

  • When community becomes family, and friends become sisters, the love one feels and exudes is boundless; this feeling of love and connection is at the core of who we are. Blue Ridge is led by a team of extraordinary women who have created a culture where your daughters are comfortable to be themselves and develop into compassionate, strong and confident women.
  • The sisterhood our girls are a part of bring them home to Camp Blue Ridge (CBR) year after year, enabling them to create some of the most important and meaningful friendships of their lives.
  • Campers experience activities that are programmed by age-group and include a mix of assigned group activities and individual daily electives.
  • Our girls participate in an active and well-rounded weekly program in athletics, aquatics, arts, gymnastics, dance, fitness, theater, adventure and outdoor exploration.
  • Experienced coaches provide targeted athletic instruction for all levels of experience and support the many opportunities campers have to play in inter-camp tournaments.
  • At CBR, we celebrate our spirit in the songs we sing, the cheers we chant and in the uniforms we wear. We have a long-standing tradition of being a uniform camp – blue and grey at Blue Ridge and red and grey at Equinunk. Our uniforms are simple and wholesome allowing the focus of each child to be on who they are, not what brands or styles they wear.
  • A combination of home-grown alumni counselors and leadership, domestic and international counselors and activity specialists, along with a terrific support team, work together to take exceptional care of our children.
  • The Camp Blue Ridge traditions bond our campers and staff with each other and connect them to generations past, present and future – soon to be 100 years strong in 2023. While a camper’s years spent at CBR may be limited to their childhood, and likely young adulthood as a counselor, their belonging to the Equinunk and Blue Ridge Family is forever. CECBR has a far-reaching, deeply connected and amazingly engaged alumni community that will lead to even more personal and professional connections for your daughter as the years go on.