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Sheryl and Richie

Sheryl and Richie Kamen - Owners and Directors
As Owners & Directors of Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge, it gives us great pleasure to share our heartfelt feelings about our camps, our campers, our counselors and our staff. This is a very special place for us. We've owned and operated CECBR for over thirty-five years and our passion for camp has continued to grow each new summer as we have the opportunity to introduce new children to our camp family.

Our summer camp is a sweet, spirited, respectful and unencumbered environment where adults and children have assembled together a culture and value system that respects and honors one another, and nurtures new and young campers as they become contributing members of our community.

Throughout the decades, it's been our privilege to create new and exceptional facilities that are complemented by our award-winning coaches, artists in residence and counselor staff, many of whom return year after year. This is only exceeded by their commitment to childcare and supervision. Our motto of excellence allows children to explore and master skills in various domains.

We both have our Doctorates in Education; we were college professors and have spent our lives building our dream summer home for children and their families. All of our own children have been campers and counselors at Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge and our son Adam is the Director of the camps. It gives us great pride and joy to see our grandchildren flourish as campers at our summer home.

We hope you and your family will visit us this summer to meet everyone at CECBR and learn firsthand what makes our summer camps so special. Can't wait to meet you!!

Sheryl and Richie

Adam Baker, Director of Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge

Adam Baker - Director
Adam Baker, an Owner and Director of Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge, works with children, parents and staff to create an exceptional summer camp experience. Adam believes in the profound impact summer camp can have on one's character while growing up, or working in an environment that embraces integrity, compassion and tradition.

Adam began at Camp Equinunk as a camper in 1991, followed by 14 years as a camper, counselor, group head and administrator. Adam then worked for 3 years as the Director of a private day camp in East Hampton, NY where he gained invaluable and diverse professional experiences before returning to work alongside his parents Sheryl and Richie at CECBR in 2007.

He completed his B.A. in Psychology at Tulane University with a focus on child education. Adam then attended an Emergency Health Management and Paramedic program at The George Washington University where he went on to become the first Paramedic to volunteer with the East Hampton Village Ambulance Association.

As a recognized leader in the camping industry, Adam is deeply committed to professional development and is on the steering committee of several American Camp Association NY-NJ conferences and initiatives as well as serving as the current board President of the Wayne County Camp Alliance.

As a passionate advocate for youth development, Adam is involved with many philanthropic organizations and currently sits on the Board of Directors of SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) which provides children from underserved communities with life changing opportunities through experiences of summer camp. Additionally, Adam has joined the Advisory Board of the Gene Ezersky Safety College, a program focused on educating up and coming leaders in the camp industry on the fundamental health, safety, operational and programmatic principles in camping. Close to Adam's heart is the work he does as a founding board member of The Zander Fund which awards athletic scholarships to inner-city youth who demonstrate tolerance and sportsmanship.

Stefanie Gillman - Assistant Director

Stefanie Gillman - Assistant Director
Stef Gillman, Assistant Director of Camp Blue Ridge, works with campers, parents, and staff to ensure a positive, caring, and warm summer camp experience. She has known firsthand how the camp experience can promote growth, leadership, and self-esteem in children. Stef believes in guiding our campers through their experiences by helping them find the tools that allow them to navigate camp with ease, confidence, and joy.

Growing up on Long Island, Stef attended day and residential camp for many years. She was also a day camp counselor and a counselor for teen tour company. She carries with her fond memories from growing up and working at camp. In her words, "Those camp days made a great impact on my life and imprint on my heart".

At American University, Stef received a B.A. in Public Communication with a minor in Education Studies. During that time, she was a goalkeeper for the women's soccer team where she learned invaluable lessons about working hard, teamwork, and perseverance. Following her studies, she went on for her Masters in School Counseling at The George Washington University and then began her career as a school counselor for Arlington County Public Schools in Virginia. She went on to continue her work in South Florida and during that time, Stef earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. With over 12 years serving as a school counselor and school leader, Stef brings a wealth of experience to our year-round team at Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge.

Jordan Chaney - Assistant Director

Jordan Chaney - Assistant Director
Born and raised in Oxford, England, Jordan's camp journey began back in 2012 when he joined Camp Equinunk as a general counselor. Jordan returned for an additional summer with CECBR in 2013, before returning to the UK to work with the local government to create children's summer camp opportunities for under-privileged areas.

Jordan joined the CECBR family full-time in 2016 where he now takes on the responsibility of recruiting counselors and coaches for the Equinunk program along with training staff in preparation for the summer. Jordan's affable manner and dynamic leadership skills made him a logical choice to become our Assistant Director. His stellar childcare skills and engagement with parents provides the platform necessary to build relationships.

At Bournemouth University, England, Jordan graduated with a bachelor's degree in Sports Psychology and Coaching Sciences. Throughout his studies and youth, Jordan has always been heavily involved in youth development through sports coaching and extracurricular activities.

Jordan currently serves on the American Camp Association "Emerging Professional in Camping" committee, helping to support and network the next generation of summer camp professionals.

Jordan has embraced our camp philosophy of giving back and has taken on an active leadership role with Experience Camps, a camp for children who have lost a parent or sibling, and is hosted annually at our camps. Jordan shines in front of a group and his warmth and enthusiasm lights up a room and puts a smile on everyone's face.

Lori Scheck - Assistant Director/Head Counselor

Lori Scheck - Assistant Director/Head Counselor
Lori Scheck, our Blue Ridge Head Counselor, and Assistant Director, has been spending her summers at Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge since 1966, when she first started as a camper. Lori's history at camp dates back to the 1930's, when her parents were campers at CECBR. Lori has come through the ranks as a camper, counselor, group head, athletic director, head counselor and assistant director.

Growing up as a camper, she found a place that was warm and welcoming, supportive - a place where she could thrive, be herself, and have fun. Lori is passionate about continuing to provide this same wholesome environment, where campers and counselors can grow, relationships can flourish, and life skills can be developed. With care and enthusiasm, she oversees everything involved in the day-to-day running of the camp.

Lori has an undergraduate degree from Ithaca College, and a master's degree from the University of Arizona - both in Health and Physical Education. Through her careers at camp, and as a professor, Lori has devoted her life to working with children and young adults. In addition to her year-round Assistant Director role at Blue Ridge, Lori is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education at Kennesaw State University, located in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

Lori, and her husband, Bruce, have a daughter, Amy, who also grew up at Blue Ridge. Amy is an elementary school teacher, and a Group Head at camp. Lori is a dedicated camping professional, who has made a lifelong commitment to Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge.

Caralyne Cranham - Director of Administration

Caralyne Cranham - Director of Administration
Growing up in England and then moving to Australia, Caralyne began her journey at CECBR in 1998 when she joined us on an International Exchange program. Caralyne immediately felt a strong connection with Equinunk and Blue Ridge as she embraced the culture, the traditions, the values, being part of a positive environment for campers and staff to flourish. It was so meaningful that two years later she decided to relocate across the pond to New York to join our year-round team and permanently contribute to the magic of camp.

As Director of Administration, Caralyne is responsible for day to day systems, management and personnel, along with recruiting and coaching our support team. Caralyne's behind the scene tireless endeavors facilitates the smooth operation of camp life assisting the support teams to work together to provide the best opportunities for our campers and staff. With a solid foundation in business administration, communication, recruitment and leadership and a "thinking outside the box" attitude, she has become a seasoned camp professional with over twenty years of commitment to CECBR. She is passionate about offering exceptional service and support to our camp families and committed to encouraging our staff to experience all that camp has to offer by immersing themselves in the culture. Caralyne loves the diversity of her role and enjoys being able to share her love for Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge and passion for helping others even teaching the occasional dance class!! Caralyne's commitment to family, friends and colleagues is paramount encouraging the bonds of friendship at camp.

Although Caralyne did not grow up attending camp, she easily embraced the familiar and unique sense of belonging. She was fortunate to have learned many of the same values and qualities from being immersed, from a young age, in the sport of elite baton and dance which is where she developed her passion for teaching others and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. Through the many years of competing, judging and coaching students to National and International levels, she learned commitment, hard work, patience, resilience, empathy and what it means to be a good leader and friend. She earned her bachelor's degree in Education which helped to fine-tune these skills.

Caralyne looks forward to meeting you and supporting you and your family in your EBR experience!

Eric Iskols - Camper Liaison

Eric Iskols - Camper Liaison
Eric Iskols, the Camper Liaison for CECBR, works with campers, parents, and staff to make sure the needs of every camper are met. It is through meticulous planning and an unrelenting work ethic, that Eric is able to ensure every camper is in an atmosphere in which they have the opportunity to flourish.

Eric began his career at Equinunk and Blue Ridge in the spring of 2017. Before this, he had spent 10 years as a camper and counselor at a day camp in New Jersey. This is where he began to learn and appreciate the positive impact camp is able to have on both campers and counselors.

In addition to his passion in camping, Eric has always gravitated towards sports. Whether it be football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, or lacrosse he is typically playing or watching sports. In addition to playing several different sports growing up, Eric really found his home on the lacrosse field. It was through lacrosse that he was able to develop his resilience and skills as a leader, being named team captain twice at Michigan State University. Eric is an active member of the lacrosse community, continuing to both play and coach.

Jamie Diamond - Operations Director

Jamie Diamond - Operations Director
Jamie Diamond is the Operations Director at CECBR. Throughout the summer Jamie utilizes her vast communication experience and strong work ethic to coach our support team staff to be the best they can be. Her diligence and efficiency ensure the smooth operation of each department and its articulation with all camp units which helps facilitate that our campers have the best experience possible.

Jamie started her camp experience in 2001 at a small family camp outside of Toronto, Canada. The core values that she learned at camp over the course of her thirteen years, such as compassion for others, teamwork, and the ability to maintain a positive attitude at all times allowed for her to grow from a timid camper to a leadership staff member. Being in an environment with some of the most positive people in her world helped her to further understand that it is okay to be silly, imaginative, and absolutely ridiculous at the appropriate times, while being serious when necessary, creating an appropriate balance between the two, but most importantly, that it is okay just being yourself.

Graduating from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Business Management and Graphic Design, Jamie headed to New York City to join the fast-paced world of Event Management & Design. After establishing a solid foundation in these fields, she decided to take her talents back to a happy place that greatly helped shape her into the person she is today - camp!

In her free time, Jamie continues to follow her passion as she works with children facilitating and running events and maintains her volunteering efforts while securing the next great generation of staff to become a part of our awesome CECBR family!

Stacy LaCorte - Family Liaison

Stacy LaCorte - Family Liaison
Stacy LaCorte, Family Liaison for Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge works with prospective parents and campers to help them find a summer home. Stacy helps parents discover all that CECBR offers, sets up tours, Rookie Day visits and guides them through the enrollment process and is an integral member or our team throughout the year.

Stacy began overnight camp in the 1980s at a residential camp in the Poconos and instantly fell in love with the experience. She came to Blue Ridge as a counselor and lifeguard in 1996 with Dagan LaCorte, her future husband, who had grown up at Camp Equinunk. She continued on to become a group head for the fifth-grade girls and then transitioned to her role as the Family Liaison in 2006. She and Dagan have two daughters who are growing up at Camp Blue Ridge and share their parents' passion for camp.

Stacy received a B.S. in Psychology from Union College and continued her education at Montclair State University receiving a M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders. In addition to her work at camp, she is a speech language pathologist at a K-12 school for children with learning, social, emotional and behavioral issues. She is an active member of her childrens' PTA and is a Girl Scout leader.

Stacy looks forward to meeting you and your family and assisting you on your camp journey.

Gil Kreiss - Head Counselor

Gil Kreiss - Head Counselor
Gil Kreiss started working at Camp Equinunk in 1993. He was group head for both the youngest and oldest campers over a period of years. He was also the Assistant Head Counselor and Athletic Director. Gil then spent a number of years at a prominent day camp on Long Island. His leadership roles and administrative experience prepared him to come home to Equinunk and become Head Counselor.

Gil leads his staff by example, exuding warmth, humor and fun, and yet commands their loyalty and respect. Gil has the best laugh ever and is a real mensch, always displaying integrity and honor.

Gil and his wife Elise live in Lido Beach, New York with their three children, Mia, Brynn and Sam who have and continue to grow at camp. Gil has been teaching Physical Education in the Hewlett-Woodmere School District on Long Island for more than twenty years. In addition to teaching, Gil has coached the Girls Varsity Soccer Team at Hewlett High School. He has also coached various other sports on the middle school level as well as both of his daughters' travel soccer teams.