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2022 Operational and Health Gateways
based on our blueprint from Summer 2021

With all of the challenges and uncertainty that surrounded Summer 2021, the CECBR community provided a healthy and terrific camp experience for our children and staff. As we continue to prepare for Summer 2022, we will use what we learned from last summer, along with the latest research and direction from our Medical Advisory Group, to inform our decisions for Summer 2022. Below you will find the Operational and Health Gateways from last summer to provide insight into our approach for the upcoming one.

Guided by our values, directed by science, and as always, driven by passion, the CECBR team continues to carefully plan for a healthy, safe and extraordinary summer at Equinunk and Blue Ridge. In our preparations, we have identified numerous 'Gateways' that will lead us through another terrific 7-week summer at camp. We believe that your family's summer planning will be most effective through understanding ours. In the coming months we will share many more gateways and provide further updates to the ones listed below - we will notify camp families when gateways have been added and which content has been updated. We intend to make monthly updates to this page and post additional camp preparations and COVID-19 specific information here. Our family is here for yours, and along with our team, we are always available to discuss any individual concerns you may have.

In strength and love,
Sheryl, Richie, Adam and the entire EBR Team.

2021 Operational and Health Gateways

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles In Preparing For Summer 2021

  • For over 35 years, our camp decisions have been grounded in health, safety and childcare. We respect the reality of this situation and our decisions will continue to be based on guidelines determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Camp Association and the EBR Medical Advisory Group.
  • We will use the most up-to-date information available to make the best decisions possible, accepting much of this information will not be available until late spring and therefore will not rush into making any premature decisions.
  • Remain both optimistic and realistic in our decision-making process.
  • Be transparent in our process and communications with families and staff.
  • Work to understand the needs of our camp families and staff, supporting them in the best ways we can.
Outlook on Summer 2021

Our family and leadership team are excited for this summer. The efforts to prepare and run camp this summer will be extraordinary, and we have just the right people to do it. There may be programmatic and operational modifications to this summer. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate these modifications in a way to make camp feel just as familiar and wonderful as it has always been. With that said, we all must keep an open mind and respect the circumstances of our world in our adaptation to running and attending camp in a COVID-19 era.

Decision Time Frames

udpated: 4/14/21

Many of the key decisions affecting the operations of camp will continue to be made this spring. It is important that our team has the community infection and vaccination rates, both in our campers' home communities and in Wayne County, in April and May. This will allow us to have a strong sense of what those infection rates may be in June and July. Furthermore, through our communications at the county, state and federal levels, we are pleased to learn that the PA Department of Health has taken a more active role in guiding camps this summer; including Governor Wolf's stated permission for camps to open this year. We, like you, would always prefer decisions are made with as much advance notice as possible. Therefore we will do our best to set a reasonable time frame for when specific gateways will be determined and will articulate in the sections below.

Testing Strategy: on or before 4/15/21
Travel to camp: on or before 4/15/21
Visiting Day format: on or before 5/15/21

Medical Advisory Group

updated: 4/14/21

In addition to the guidance that has been given by our larger camp medical team beginning last year, we are thankful to those who have joined the EBR Medical Advisory Group. Our five-person team includes 3 camp physicians whose COVID-19 experience has been through private practice, urgent care and hospital-based medicine respectively. We also welcome a public health specialist to the team; she is a hospital senior executive responsible for overseeing COVID-19 specific infection control protocols, testing procedures and vaccination management at one of New York's leading medical and academic centers. In late winter our Medical Advisory Group brought on Dr. Daniel Griffin, Professor of Infectious Disease at Columbia University and Chief of Infectious Disease for the ProHealth Medical Network. Dr. Griffin is also the President of Parasites Without Borders, and has become a key COVID-19 advisor to numerous industries in the Northeast. His insight and work supporting CECBR has been tremendous. Along with our camp medical team of doctors, nurses and health center administrators, the EBR Medical Advisory Group is an invaluable resource of information and sounding board as we determine our health protocols and operation plan. They will also offer continued guidance throughout the summer and work with us in real-time as key medical decisions are being made.

Expanded Medical Team

posted: 1/28/21

Camp has increased our medical team staff numbers in both health centers for this summer, including additional nurses and assistant administrators. Our medical team will also be staffed with two physicians for the first week of camp as we handle our regular camp healthcare needs and new testing regimen.

Pre-Arrival Behavior Risk Mitigation

posted: 6/9/21

We each have an individual responsibility to protect the health of the CECBR community this summer. This begins with the choices we make in the days leading up to our arrival to camp. Our behaviors and situational awareness during the week before camps opens, and then our first week once in camp, will be the single most important element of risk we can each control in protecting CECBR.


Campers and staff must not travel internationally or domestically 10-days prior to the start of camp. For those families arriving to camp from overseas, their travel plans must be cleared by the CECBR Medical Team if their child's arrival into the US is within this 10-day period.

Gatherings and Recreation

*** The dates listed below are based on a Sunday arrival. If arriving to camp on Saturday, please begin adhering to these measures 1 day earlier. ***

The CECBR Medical Team cannot stress strongly enough that campers and their families avoid the following activities:

  • 10-day lead-up to camp, beginning on Thursday, June 17th - AVOID:
    • sleepovers
    • attending indoor events including, movies, shows, professional sporting events, or similar performances
    • indoor restaurants
  • 6-day lead-up to camp, beginning on Monday, June 21st - AVOID:
    • 10-day avoidances
    • indoor parties, meals or gatherings with those outside one's household
    • indoor youth sports
    • attending outdoor events including, movies, shows, professional sporting events, or similar performances
      * if fully vaccinated, may partake in outdoor events until 6/25
    • indoor graduations or proms
  • 2-day lead-up to camp, beginning on Friday, June 25th - AVOID:
    • 10-day and 6-day avoidances
    • outdoor youth sports

We understand that some schools end on Friday, June 25. School is not considered to be an at-risk behavior. However, we do ask that families inform us of any quarantine that is required of a member of your household due to a COVID-19 exposure within 2-weeks before the start of camp.

Arrival Day Drop-Off Times and Process

posted: 6/10/21

We cannot wait to welcome our campers home to CECBR. Sunday's drop-off (and Saturday's early evening drop-off) has been planned to ensure a great welcome home for campers along with alloted timing for each camper's PCR test sample and family goodbye. The success of arrival day is dependent on careful planning by the CECBR Team and adherence to designated arrival times and efficient goodbyes by families. Camper drop-off will take place in two distinct stages; health screening while providing a PCR test sample and then unloading and goodbyes. While details of the drop-off process will be shared with parents on a Zoom call on Wednesday, June 23rd at 7:00pm, below is an overview of the process.

  • arrival windows are scheduled by age-group
  • each family's arrival window is determined by the age-group of the youngest child in the family
  • all campers in the family are to be dropped-off within the same designated arrival window
  • families will be welcomed onto campus based on the start time of each arrival window, please do not arrive early
  • campers may not eat or drink approximately 30 minutes prior to their PCR saliva test; so please no food or drink (other than some sips of water) once you pass through Honesdale, PA if coming from the south or through Callicoon, NY if coming from the east
  • a staging area will be setup with bathrooms for families to utilize before beginning the testing and unloading process; this is also the right time to begin saying goodbye
  • families will drive to a designated health screening and PCR test sampling station where they will remain in their cars
  • following screening and testing, families will drive to a designated unloading zone where they may all exit the car for that final hug and goodbye before campers are walked down to campus
  • campers arriving before 1:00pm (Lower and Upper Sophs) will be served a full lunch at camp
  • campers arriving after 1:00pm will be served a healthy afternoon snack
  • PCR test results will be returned throughout the afternoon and evening, parents do not need to wait in the area for those results

The chart below outlines the arrival windows for each group in camp and is further broken down alphabetically within each age-group. CECBR will email each age group their designated arrival window 1-week before the start of camp to ensure clarity on the arrival time. However, the full camp drop-off schedule is listed below to use for planning purposes.



Click to view in Google Sheets

Testing Strategy

updated: 5/24/21

Accurate and frequent COVID-19 testing, we believe, will be elemental in running a healthy camp this summer, both in the lead-up to opening day and throughout the summer. This will be in addition to the implementation of a symptom check protocol that will begin at home and continue once in camp.

The following information provides details of our testing approach:

Pre-Arrival Symptom and Exposure Check

  • Using the camp's 'Campanion' App (the same app where parents can scan in health forms, view in-camp microblog posts and view camp photos), parents must complete the daily 'Health Check' feature for 7-days before prior to your child's arrives to camp.

Pre-Arrival Telemedicine Health Appointment and Prior Infection Documentation

  • CECBR is proud to partner with PM Pediatrics for pre-arrival health screenings and PCR testing for all families living on the East Coast and camp has recently added ProHealth for all Manhattan campers' PCR test (PM Pediatrics in Riverdale is no longer a CECBR test site).
  • Between June 8th and June 18th families will have a telehealth appointment with a PM Pediatrics provider to complete a COVID-19 screening. All campers must complete this pre-arrival health screening with PM Pediatrics regardless of where they live and which provider they test with.
  • The booking window for the telehealth appointment and the PCR test appointment will open the last week of May.
  • Campers who have tested positive with a PCR test within 90 days of the pre-arrival test should upload those results to their MyEBR Account (only PCR test results are permissible, not antigen or antibody results).

Pre-Arrival PCR Test

  • Campers living on the east coast of Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and the Tri-State Area will report to a pre-assigned PM Pediatrics Urgent Care Center (ProHealth for Manhattan campers) on Thursday, June 24th (and for Florida campers on Wednesday, June 23rd) for their pre-arrival PCR test.
    • Campers living outside the area of the PM Pediatrics network will be contacted separately to discuss a convenient on-site PCR test center.
  • CECBR has contracted an exclusive window for testing on the morning of June 24th for our families. Families will be able to book an appointment in this exclusive window, or later in the day when PM Pediatrics is open to the general public if there is another time that is best for your family.
  • Test results will be shared directly with each camper's family and CECBR leadership and medical team within 24-36 hours following swabbing.
    • Campers who have tested positive for COVID-19 within 90 days of their pre-arrival test must provide that documentation at the time of their telehealth appointment. This information will be used by camp physicians in determining a camper's start date should their pre-arrival test return positive.
    • Campers who test positive for COVID-19 at their pre-arrival PCR test must follow a 10-day isolation period following their diagnosis and be symptom-free to be cleared to come to camp - this clearance will be determined by the CECBR Medical Team.
    • Should anyone in your household test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days before camp, your camper must follow a 7-day quarantine period, and provide a negative PCR test result, after the 7th day, before your camper is permitted to arrive at camp.

Arrival PCR Testing and Health Screening On The First Day of Camp

  • CECBR has partnered with Princeton Analytical to be one of our in-season PCR test providers to provide fast and reliable PCR-testing via saliva sampling for arrival day testing and ongoing surveillance testing as indicated.
  • Florida campers, and other children traveling by air, will arrive at camp on Saturday evening, June 26th will be tested upon arrival with results being received the following morning.
  • Campers living in the Northeast will be arriving by car on Sunday, June 27th at which time the CECBR Medical Team will be performing a health screening, temperature check and take a saliva sample for PCR testing to be analyzed by Princeton Analytical.
  • Samples will be processed throughout the day, therefore providing same-day results to camp. CECBR will notify families directly of a positive result and will notify all families once all test results are returned that evening.
  • If a camper's arrival PCR test is positive, they, along with any enrolled siblings, will need to return home for a 10-day isolation period (and a 7-day quarantine period followed by a negative PCR for the siblings), before being cleared by the CECBR Medical Team to return to camp.

In-Season PCR Surveillance Testing

  • CECBR has also partnered with Quest Diagnostics for week 1 testing to take place on July 1st for all campers and staff - both vaccinated and unvaccinated. Week 1 testing has shifted to Quest as they have informed camp that due to updated CDC guidance on testing, they will be able to process payment through insurance.
  • Testing with Princeton Analytical will then continue weeks 2 through 7 as directed by our Medical Advisory Group for all unvaccinated campers and staff.

Point-of-Care Rapid Antigen Testing

  • Rapid antigen testing will be available at both CE and CBR health centers
  • CECBR has become an FDA certified CLIA-Waived Clinical Laboratory
  • Camp has already acquired BP Veritor antigen testing equipment for both health centers. Additionally, we will also be acquiring Abbott BinaxNow test kits to ensure a plentiful supply of testing supplies throughout the summer, should they be needed.

Rapid Response PCR Testing

  • Should a rapid antigen test return a positive or inconclusive result, arrangements have been made with the Wayne Memorial Hospital laboratory for same-day PCR testing, the sample for which will be taken in camp and then brought to the hospital while the camper or staff member awaits the results in a designated isolation area adjacent to each health center.
Pre-Arrival Testing Locations

posted: 5/24/21

For our tri-state area families, your child's pre-arrival PCR test must be completed on Thursday, June 24th at one of the following locations. For our Florida families, your PCR test will be on Wednesday, June 23rd. Please see below for the locations and times available for CECBR families. If these exclusive windows at the PM Pediatrics locations do not work for your schedule, you may book a PCR test appointment during regular business hours from 12 PM-12 AM only at these locations. Please visit the link here to register.

PM Pediatrics Parkland 8-12 PM*
5992 Coral Ridge Drive Coral Springs, FL
*6/23/21 In-Office PCR Test, Parkland Only

PM Pediatrics Livingston 8-10 AM
571 West Mount Pleasant Ave Livingston, NJ

PM Pediatrics Cherry Hill 8-10 AM
828 Haddonfield Road Cherry Hill, NJ

PM Pediatrics Clifton 8-9 AM
780 Route 3 West Clifton, NJ

PM Pediatrics Wynnewood 11 AM-12 PM
260 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood, PA

PM Pediatrics Manhasset 8-10 AM
1453 Northern Boulevard Manhasset, NY

PM Pediatrics Selden 3-5 PM
239 Middle Country Road Selden, NY

PM Pediatrics Mamaroneck 8-12 PM
620 East Boston Post Road Mamaroneck, NY

PM Pediatrics Cobble Hill 10-11 AM
240 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY

PM Pediatrics West Hartford 8-9 AM
1459a New Britain Avenue West Hartford, CT

For Manhattan Families Only - Your testing location is as follows:
ProHEALTH Pediatrics - Yorkville
1601 3rd Ave, FRNT 2, New York, NY 10128
Date of Test: Thursday, June 24th
Hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm
*Please note that you will still be required to have the PM Pediatrics pre-arrival telehealth appointment.

If you live outside of the tri-state area or Florida our Operations Director, Jamie Diamond, has been in contact with you to discuss your testing options.


posted: 5/24/21

Vaccination Encouragement

  • The CECBR Medical Advisory Group strongly encourages, but does not require, all families to vaccinate eligible children prior to the start of camp and to speak with their child's physician in making this important decision.
  • Proof of completed vaccination regiment should be uploaded into your MyEBR account.
  • Campers who are 2-weeks past their second vaccination will not be included in surveillance testing beginning week 2 of camp, therefore reducing the testing portion of their COVID-19 Mitigation and Testing fee.
  • CECBR in-season physicians invite parents with concerns regarding youth COVID-19 vaccination to connect with them through the camp to discuss their specific concerns.

In-Season Camper Vaccinations

  • CECBR has made arrangments with Wayne Memorial Hospital's vaccination clinic to provide 1st and 2nd doses for eligible campers, and those who become eligible, throughout the summer; please contact CECBR directly to discuss this further and provide consent.
  • Campers may not be picked up from camp and taken home for a vaccination.

Staff Vaccinations

  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has prohibited businesses from requiring employees to be vaccinated. However, CECBR is strongly and actively encouraging all adult staff who have access to the vaccine to be inoculated prior to their arrival.
  • CECBR has made arrangements with Wayne Memorial Hospital to provide vaccinations for domestic and international staff.
COVID-19 Case Management and Contact Tracing

posted: 4/14/21

Your child's arrival PCR test will be grouped with the other tests of the campers and staff in their bunk; this has now become their 'test pool.' The pool is then tested as a whole and results will be received as a positive or negative pool. If the pool is positive, the remainder of each person's sample is then re-tested for individual results, this is called reflex testing.

Positive PCR Test - Pool

  • If a pool test is positive, each member of the bunk and connecting bunk (bungalow), or shared staff living accommodation, will be administered a rapid antigen test while PCR reflex testing is completed.
    • ** if the rapid antigen test is positive, please refer to the 'Positive Rapid Antigen Test Response' section below
  • Parents will be notified through the Quadrant BioSciences portal, that their child's pool has a positive result.
  • While test results are pending, the camper's bungalow will enjoy continued programming that is outdoors and separate from the rest of the age group(s).

Positive PCR Test - Individual

  • If a camper tests positive, parents will be notified immediately by the camp, and directly through the portal if the test was run by Quadrant BioSciences. All reasonable efforts will be made to reach a parent for them to inform their child of the diagnosis immediately following receipt of the result before the camper is informed by camp medical staff and directors.
  • Any camper, or domestic staff member who lives locally, must be picked-up within 12 hours and return home for a 10-day isolation period.
  • Provided the camper or staff member is symptom free following the 10-day isolation period, the CECBR Medical Team will evaluate the person's return to camp date, which can be as early as 11-days following diagnosis.
  • For families living outside the Northeast region, pre-arranged camper pick-up plans must be shared with CECBR prior to your child's arrival at camp.
  • International staff members will be moved to designated isolation housing for a 10-day period prior to their return to campus, provided they are symptom free on the 11th day.

Camper Bunk or Staff Living Accommodation Quarantine and Sanitation

  • All campers and staff members in the bunk, connecting bunk, or shared living accommodation will partake in a 7-day quarantine period, concluding with a negative PCR test on the 8th day.
  • Campers and staff will be tested with a rapid antigen test 2 days following their initial exposure testing, followed by an antigen test every 3 days during quarantine, and on the onset of any symptoms.
  • During this time, campers will experience a schedule that will be programmed separately from the rest of their age group and will ensure that they enjoy the full scope of camp programming.
  • Specialty counselor staff will remain with their bunk during this time and work as additional general bunk counselors, not working in their specialty areas.
  • Support Team members will observe their 7-day quarantine period in designated areas on campus, and not report to their work areas.
  • The CECBR team will perform a deep cleaning of all living areas including electrostatic spray disinfectant of cabin and bathrooms, treatment with an air exchange and/or air purification system, washing of all linens, and additional sanitation of all highly touched surfaces.

Positive Rapid Antigen Test Response for a Symptomatic Camper or Staff Member

  • If a camper tests positive, parents will be notified by the camp medical team.
  • Camp will isolate the camper or staff member and perform a PCR test swab which will be delivered to Wayne Memorial Hospital for analyzing.
  • The camper or staff member's bunk will be evaluated and quarantined while awaiting the result of the PCR test.
  • ** If the PCR test is positive, please refer to the 'Positive PCR Test - Individual' section above.

Contact Tracing

  • A positive PCR test result will initiate contact tracing.
  • An exposure is considered to be a 15 minute period within 6' of the infected person.
  • Exposures will be documented for 48 hours prior to positive result or first sign of symptoms, whichever is earlier.
  • Contact traced individuals will be antigen and PCR tested and partake in the aforementioned quarantine period and residual testing.
Sanitation and Enhanced Facility Cleaning

updated: 4/14/21

Air Purification

Camp is in the process of installing air purifiers in activity, dining and office areas throughout camp in addition to both health centers. We have selected purifiers whose HEPA filters will remove 'respiratory droplets' from the air to significantly reduce the possibility of airborne transmission of pathogens. This is being augmented with UV-C germicidal technology in our health centers and other buildings with central air.

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitation

These protocols reflect the latest recommendations from the CDC, American Camp Association and the PA Department of Health.

  • Prior to staff arrival, all interior spaces in camp will receive an electrostatic spray delivery of Viaclean's BioProtect long-lasting antiviral and antibacterial disinfectant (90-day life). The application of BioProtect will be repeated following the third week of camp.
  • Cabins and all common indoor areas will be cleaned and sanitized weekly by an electrostatic spray delivery of EvaClean's PURTABS disinfectant – approved for COVID-19 use – EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located around campus, including all activity areas and buildings.
  • Hand washing will be required before and after every meal and encouraged throughout the day.
  • Kitchens, mess halls and any tented dining facilities will be disinfected with a peroxide-based disinfectant after every meal. Additional electrostatic disinfectant spraying will be done on a regular basis in accordance with our phasing protocols.
  • Our housekeeping team will clean all cabin and facility bathrooms, common spaces, and high-touch surfaces a minimum of two times per day, and with greater frequency in accordance with our phasing protocols.
Camper Travel

updated: 5/24/21

Our long-awaited Opening Day at CECBR this summer will be more wonderful and joyous than ever before. In taking into account many health considerations and arrival day testing procedures, CECBR campers will be brought to camp by their parents this summer. This will make for a controlled and steady flow of camper arrivals, allowing our medical team to perform health screenings and obtain PCR test samples.

Camper arrivals will be scheduled by family. All campers within the family will be dropped off at the same time, and this time will be determined by the age group of the youngest child. Details, including your designated family drop-off time, will be shared later this spring. Families living in the same household must travel to camp together. Carpools and riding-sharing services will be prohibited, even for vaccinated campers.

Campers traveling from Florida on the camp chaperoned flight, or other areas that require air travel, should plan to arrive on Saturday, June 26th.

Alternative drop-off on Saturday evening for the following reasons:

  • dropping another child off at a camp in the area on Saturday
  • FL and 'out of NE area' families who are planning to drop their campers off on Sunday are encouraged to drop off on Saturday so you have their camper’s PCR results before parents fly home
  • for families who are celebrating a graduation or Prom on Sunday, camp asks that you drop off your younger child(ren) on Saturday to avoid them being in a group gathering; very strong ask for unvaccinated siblings
  • there can be no camper drop-offs after Sunday evening

Trunks and duffle bags may not be dropped off at camp with campers on arrival day. All baggage must be sent in advance with the designated trucking companies. A small carry-on-sized bag and sports equipment bag may be brought to camp on arrival day.

Camper travel home on the last day of camp will still take place by coach bus.

Additional Packing Items - Masks and Waterbottles

posted: 4/14/21


Each camper is required to bring 50 well-fitting disposable masks with them to camp. In addition to an abundant supply of camp-provided masks that will be stationed outside several indoor facilities, we ask that each camper has their own supply in their bunk. Knowing how often children change masks on a normal day, with all of the dirt and sweat that will accumulate during an action-packed camp day, campers may want to change their masks with much greater frequency. Although not encouraged, cloth masks may still be brought to camp in addition to the required disposable masks.

Refillable Water Bottles

We encourage each camper to bring 4 refillable water bottles (well labeled) with them to camp. While cups will be provided at facility water fountains, campers will be asked to use water fountains to fill their bottles, rather than drinking directly from the fountain.

Phasing At Camp: Quarantine, Mask Use, Cohorts, Mixed Group and Co-Ed Activities

posted: 5/24/21

To be determined by camp infection rates, testing results and any guidelines set forth by the CDC and PA Dept. of Health, camp will implement the use of ‘phases’ to outline the degree of health measures to which campers and staff must follow.

Upon arrival, for both staff during orientation and campers on opening day, camp will be implementing the highest level of health measures to prevent the possible spread of illness. This highest level will be implemented for the first few days of camp until post-arrival PCR test results are returned. These measures will include wellness screenings, activities being programmed by bunk or bungalow to establish a small group quarantine, delaying mixed-group or co-ed activities, indoor activities being held outside, appropriate mask use, and outdoor tented dining and activity areas.

Camp will then progress through additional phases bringing camp to our full ‘one camp, one family’ program and routine - including our frequent co-ed activities. Should camp need to remain, or return to, a higher phase level, special arrangements will be made for brothers and sisters to still visit with one another in an outdoor, socially distant and safe manner.

Following the CDC's recent updates relating to masking, CECBR is awaiting the PA guidelines before determining our policy which will be shared during the 3rd Parent Zoom on June 23rd.

Controlled Campus - Visiting Campus: Visiting Day, Alumni Day, PC/US Parents, New Camper Picnic, Siblings and Tours

updated: 5/24/21

Our optimism remains that the world, and certainly our local communities, will experience to some degree a ‘return to normalcy’ this summer led by low community infection and high vaccination rates. While at this point some decisions can comfortably be made, for others, we remind ourselves that only time will allow the information we need to make the best-informed decisions possible. Therefore we anticipate running a 'controlled campus' this summer that, though will lean towards limiting contact with the outside world, the interactions that we do have will be carefully thought through and planned.

Virtual Visiting Weekend

  • Campers and parents can look forward to a virtual visit via Zoom on Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday day/evening, or Sunday day/evening.
  • All lower-camp camp Zooms will take place during the daytime.
  • Zoom visits are in addition to the regular telephone calls that occur during week 2 and week 5 of camp.
  • CECBR is planning for siblings to be together for a longer visit though families may choose to have siblings Zoom separately.
  • CECBR is planning an extraordinary day on Sat. with Virtual engagement for parents starting on Friday night.
  • Parents will be given a box to send up their camper’s favorite snacks and candy to enjoy (peanut, tree-nut and sesame-free). Needed items such as shampoo and bug spray, etc., can be sent separately, this box is for all of the fun stuff.
  • As visiting will now be a virtual experience, there is a 5-week option for Sophs and Juniors - campers entering 2nd-5th grade this fall.

Alumni Day

  • Given the format this special day takes at camp, both in the mixing among alumni and interactions with current campers and staff, sadly, we have decided to postpone this annual gathering to a date in the fall or a grander celebration in 2022.

PC/US Parent Color War Visit

  • In line with several factors that have influenced the Visiting Day decision, we are currently developing plans for only vaccinated parents of PCs and Upper Seniors to join us for one afternoon/evening during Color War. A final determination will be made in July.

New Camper Picnic

  • Scheduled for Saturday, June 5th, we are so excited for an in-camp experience for our 2020 and 2021 New Campers! Though the event will take place entirely outside in a similar fashion to our Fall Foliage event, with appropriate social distancing and mask use measures, we look forward to welcoming all new campers to their new summer home. Rain day is Sunday, June 6th.

Siblings Rookie Day

  • Sibling Rookies are welcome to join us on the morning of Saturday, June 5th for their own special rookie experience.
Controlled Campus - Leaving Campus: Day and Overnight Trips, Inter-Camp Tournaments

posted: 1/28/21

As mentioned above when discussing visitors coming onto campus, our 'controlled campus' must also address possible scenarios when campers and staff would normally leave campus. The scenarios below reflect our thinking at the present time and will evolve in the lead-up to camp.

Campers Leaving Campus

  • We anticipate there will be times campers must leave campus for a medical appointment or family emergency. In those cases, a testing and re-entry protocol will be implemented. However, we do not anticipate permitting campers to leave campus for tournaments at home or milestone family gatherings. Though this decision will be made in the spring, it is best to plan accordingly as the conditions are now.

Staff Leaving Campus and Time-Off

  • In addition to the conditions specified for campers, our staff may not return to their home communities on their time-off this summer. We do however believe that for a 7-week camp season and 1-2 weeks of orientation, quality time off will be essential in ensuring staff are well rested and at their best. Therefore, camp has been securing several off-site locations where we can bring our staff to enjoy their days and evenings off that is controlled, led by camp leadership and not in contact with the outside world; these areas include renting exclusive campsites along the Delaware River to be used by staff and as a new area for camper programming.
  • As we work to ensure that staff time-off is even more relaxing and enjoyable, our team is constructing a new outdoor staff lounge called 'The Woods at Courtyard.' This new space will feature fire pits, bbq's, and a great social atmosphere to connect with camp friends.

Day Trips and Overnight Trips

  • While we will not be running our traditional group amusement park trips this summer, our full leadership team has been exploring a few great outdoor venues that can be exclusive to CECBR use and allow our middle and upper camp campers an exciting adventure off-campus.
  • Though camp is still many months away, and our team has discussed which elements we can, and cannot, control on an overnight trip (high school age groups), and the amount of advanced planning and bookings that are needed for a well coordinated trip, we have made the decision to not run our 3-day overnights this summer. However, with the rental of exclusive campsites along the Delaware River, we are extremely excited to offer a whole new array of adventure and camp-out programming.

Inter-Camp Tournaments

  • While our in-camp 'leagues' and instruction are the cornerstones of our athletics program, we know the excitement and pride playing in an inter-camp game brings to campers. Our campers attend travel tournaments at camps run by some of our closest friends and most respected Directors in the industry. We know that when at a tournament our children are under our care and warmly welcomed by the other camp. While we know these camps are preparing just as diligently as we are, at this point in time, we are inclined to be more insular in our programming this summer. If conditions this spring improve significantly, we will consider a limited inter-camp tournament should our camp friends be interested as well.