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Month: October 2015

1-2-3- “YO”

While we’re all busy in the Equinunk/Blue Ridge post-season with school, sports, family and friends, take a moment and smile at a 95 year tradition, the life of an American folk hero and a Cuban Paul Bunyan.

We all know that for 95 years, every Equinunk line-up has been highlighted by each group cheering 1-2-3 Yo, forecasting great morning and evening activities. In addition to announcing our daily activities, we also present our “real world” Sportswire.  Baseball, an American tradition, celebrated the life of YOgi Berra this month. YOgi was not a big man; he waYogiBerras a great man. Although he was one of the greatest players of his generation, his greater success was a life devoted to family, sports, team, humor, community and charity. YOgi made everyone better and happier in his humble and unassuming way.

YOenis Cespedes joined the NY Mets a few months ago and continues to write one of the most amazing 60-day game season baseball has ever known.

YOenis’ displays of raw power and skill has made everyone on the NY Mets better and excited as they begin the World Series.yoenis-cespedes-bat-glove-cleats-batting-gloves-sunglasses-sleeve

YOenis’ courage and power have been on display his entire life. He was born in the tiny town of CAMPechuela, Cuba. As an adult, he and 11 others were stranded on an island for 3 days as they defected from Cuba.They nearly ran out of water and he arranged to get the group to safety.

YOenis’ humble beginnings, his difficult road to freedom, his perserverence and courage, and YOgi’s greatness and humility are great values for you to consider as YOu become the best version of YOurself. So get ready for YOur next great moment with 1-2-3 YO!!!!!

CECBR Announces 2015 Pop-Up Socials!


Hello from the CECBR Team!

We are excited to announce that Equinunk/Blue Ridge Pop-Up Socials are back this fall and will be coming to an area near you! Pop-Up Socials are quick get-togethers where CECBR will treat our camp families at a nearby ice cream or pizza shop! The CECBR Team will be on-hand to meet and greet, reminisce about Summer 2015 and look ahead to 2016!

Our Pop-Up Socials are in addition to our Winter Reunion set for Saturday January 9th, 2016! Dates are as follows:

New York City – October 28th (16 Handles 1161 1st Ave, New York, NY) | New Jersey – October 29th (44 Franklin Ave, Ridgewood, NJ) | Long Island, North Shore – November 2nd (The Lite Choice 7921 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY) | Florida – November 9th | Maryland – November 11th | Long Island, South Shore – November 16th | Westchester – November 17th | London, UK – January 23rd for Staff!

Locations for each Pop-Up Social will be announced on SOCIAL MEDIA ONLY!

Be Sure To Follow CECBR on Twitter @CampEBR, on Instagram @equinunkblueridge and on Facebook!

We would like to invite all NEW CE/CBR Campers to join us 30 minutes before each Social to meet our Directors and other NEW Campers!  

RSVPs are NOT REQUIRED for our Pop-Up Social Events.

Just bring your camp spirit and smiles!

We certainly hope you can join us at one of our Pop-Up Socials in your area! If you have any questions, please email nicki@cecbr.com who will be happy to assist. 

See You Soon!

The CECBR Team

The CECBR Subway System


Everyone is “Buzzing” about the possibilities of a 2015 Subway Series featuring legendary baseball teams the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. Just imagine fans from those two camps dressed in their team uniforms going back and forth from the Bronx to Queens on Mass transit. As dreamy as that possibility, I can only imagine how out of this world it would be to have a CECBR subway system connecting Equinunk and Blue Ridge.

Why not dream? How many of your friends would believe that we already have the CE/CBR Bridge connecting our two camps? New York City just opened a new subway stop connecting the 7 line to the West Side of Manhattan. Why not us?

We are in contact with the Wayne County Transit Authority and have our eyes on the tracks in Callicoon and the train in Honesdale. 

Just imagine the convenience of high speed transit going to your favorite places in camp: Blue Ridge and Equinunk Class, Boys campus for Carnival, shows at the amphitheater.

Service would be air conditioned and a Food Car would service fruit and ices after Rest Hour and milk and cookies after evening rides.

Lori and Gil have already applied for Chief Engineer and Conductor positions.

We anticipate subway service beginning this summer for the 2016 season. We will keep you posted on the progress, but for now keep your fingers crossed for the Yanks and Mets.