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Welcome Lizzy Lean!

The year-round dedication to our CE/CBR families and meticulous childcare during the summer is made possible due to the exceptional work of our staff – nearly 400 strong.  Our leadership team, made up of Groupheads, Program Supervisors, Head Counselors and Directors, strive for excellence in everything we do.  The corner stones of the Equinunk and Blue Ridge Experience – Family, Tradition, and Childcare – are at the forefront of every decision we make in upholding our W.I.N. Philosophy – Wholesome, Inclusive and Nurturing.

On a daily basis, it is our year-round leadership team who ensure the continuity of the EBR experience.  Leading our full-time PA Maintenance Team is our Caretaker Jeff White.  In our New York offices, Sheryl, Richie and I have could not have been more fortunate that 15 yrs ago Caralyne Cranham came into our lives.  What began as a summer job placement soon became family.  As the Director of Administration and Personnel, Caralyne is often referred to as the glue that connects much of year-round and summer operations.   The sophistication of our operations and quality of the EBR experience only grows stronger with each director who joins us.  In valuing creativity, dedication and passion for CE and CBR, we have sought out the very best in camping to join our Directorial and Head Counselor Team.  Equinunk Head Counselor Gil Kreiss first came to camp in the early 90’s during which time he held most every camp leadership position from Soph Group Head, to Senior Group Head (including 1996 for my Upper Senior group), and Asst. Head Counselor.  In fall of 2007, both Gil and I returned home to Equinunk and Blue Ridge, beginning what has been a spectacular partnership in leading Equinunk.  Gil’s warmth, deeply rooted commitment to family, and values permeates through campus ensuring a nurturing environment for both children and staff. To say Lori Scheck lives and breathes CE and CBR does not even come close to describing her passion for our camps. Having spent almost her entire life growing up and then working at Blue Ridge, a few years ago Lori took the next major step and became one of our year-round Assistant Directors.  Soon thereafter, an integral member of our full-time team, Scott Rosenbluth, became an Assistant Director within the organization. Scott’s impact on our camp has been profound as he masterfully blended his years of camping experience beyond CE and CBR with our deep culture and tradition.

In the next evolution of our full-time leadership team, Sheryl, Richie and I could not be more excited to share with you the addition of two Assistant Directors.  Over the past two years, Nicki Alpern has become a household name for our CBR families while working alongside Sheryl and Lori in the running of Blue Ridge.  Adored by our campers and relied upon by their parents, Nicki’s dedication to the success of our children is evident in how well she knows and cares for each camper at CBR.  We are both proud and excited for Nicki as she takes this next step in her journey at Equinunk and Blue Ridge.

Dreams really do come true when passion, professionalism and opportunity align.  Lizzy (Shimkin) Lean came to Blue Ridge as a Lower Sophomore in 1983, was a PC in 1991, and rose to become Chief of Grey Alaska in 1997.  More than 30 years after she first began CBR, Lizzy, returned for the Summer of 2014 with her family to continue a long standing legacy at camp  – her children Kendall and Connor are now 4th generation campers.  Lizzy’s grandmother grew up at CBR, her parents Jane and Barry Shimkin met at camp in 1965, and her brother Peter attended camp for many years.  After graduating from Muhlenberg College in 1998 with a degree in Elementary Education and Sociology, Lizzy became a teacher in Palm Beach County, Florida. Lizzy’s involvement at her children’s preschool at B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton, led to her being hired as the Director of Synagogue Engagement. Lizzy worked for B’nai Torah for five years working on increasing membership at B’nai Torah and planning a wide array of programs and activities for the congregants, especially the families and their children.  Sheryl, Richie and I are thrilled to welcome home Lizzy and re-introduce her to you as one of our Assistant Directors, and welcome Kendall, Connor and her husband David to their CE/CBR Family.

This is a wonderful time in the evolution of our Leadership Team and the promise it holds for future generations of our Equinunk & Blue Ridge Family.  On behalf of Sheryl, Richie, Caralyne, Lori, Gil, Scott, Nicki and Lizzy, I wish you a wonderful fall with your family and friends and hope that the memories of last summer and the excitement for next keeps us warm in the winter months to come.