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Catching Up With Equinunk Head Counselor, Gil Kreiss

We caught up with Equinunk Head Counselor Gil Kreiss to talk about the summer, his love for camp and more! Check it out:

What is your favorite camp moment?

The first evening’s flag pole line up, is the first time the whole camp lines up around the flag pole. This is such a special time to see the new campers faces as they take part in a tradition that has gone on in camp since day one. The returning campers have taken their “NEW” place.  I get to speak to Camp Equinunk as a whole for the first time, making announcements and some very important introductions of key staff and of course, our Directors Richie and Adam.  The moment continues as we enter the Mess Hall for the first time and have our first meal.  The energy is stupendous and when the seniors start to sing, it is truly amazing!.

Any advice for anyone new to Equinunk?

Be prepared to have the time of your life.  Yes, you will need to be ready to be away from your parents for the first time, but the family at Equinunk that awaits you will welcome you with open arms and make you feel right at home.  Be open to trying new activities, meeting new people and experiencing new things.  If you are open-mided, then the 7 weeks at Camp Equinunk are going to race by quicker than you can say “sign me up for next year!!”

 Are there any special events you are looking forward to this summer?

There are a few annual events that I truly look forward to, The Hamen Hockey Classic, Square Dancing and Premi’s BBQ’s. This will be the 6th annual  Hockey Classic and it seems to get funnier and better each year! To see the staff play roller hockey is pretty incredible.  These guys get out there give it their all even though they have little to no ability to skate. The game itself can be one of the funniest all camp events. For square dancing, Sue and Lou Flago bring such a high level of excitement even when just their names are mentioned.  Now add in the camp atmosphere of campers dressing up and the night becomes a big costume party with incredible square dancing with a world renowned caller.  The NIGHT is SPECTACULAR!!!!!   Last but certainly not least, I am also looking forward to Premi’s BBQ. Anyone who is lucky enough to ever have Eric Premisler cook for them at camp would most definitely say that they always look forward to Premi’s cooking and that the event is something to cherished.

 What keeps you coming back?

The true sense of family that I feel when I walk onto the campus keeps me coming back each summer. Right away I feel like I am home and everyone surrounding me is my family. I hope to make everyone that I come in contact with at camp feel the same way. I hope to help the staff have a great summer and also facilitate a great summer for the campers.  I come back year after year because I truly enjoy being at camp and want to continue doing a job I started a number of years ago and keep improving at it each and every summer. I try to challenge myself all the time to be better and if I take on that philosophy, the staff I work with sees that, I’m sure that they will work harder to ensure the campers have an amazing summer.

 What does “we live for this” mean to you?

We Live for this – means to me that camp is an important part of my life and my family’s life.  We all enjoy camp and think that the experience we all gain from being at Equinunk and Blue Ridge is invaluable.

Catching Up With Blue Ridge Head Counselor, Lori Scheck!

We caught up with Blue Ridge Head Counselor Lori Scheck and asked her some questions about Summer 2013 and camp itself! Check it out:

What are some of your favorite camp moments?

One of my favorite camp moments every summer is watching each camper walk down the Social Hall floor during formation of Group Sing.  Seeing all those huge smiles is incredible and the sheer excitement is so apparent as each camper makes their own contribution to Sing. The returning campers are so happy to be taking part in another Sing, however, it’s watching the first year campers which makes the moment so special for me. The looks on their faces are priceless, knowing that they have now become part of the history and tradition of Blue Ridge.

Any advice for anyone new to Equiunk and Blue Ridge?

I would advise all new campers to try something new, perhaps something they never even thought that they would do. And, do this with new friends! It might be swimming in the lake, or climbing the wall, or trying out for a show. Even if you are not sure if you will like something…give it a try and ask a friend to do it with you! We will be there supporting you and cheering you on

 Are there any special events you are looking forward to this summer?

All of them!! It’s hard to pick just one. Whether it’s Sports Day, Tribal Day, Square Dancing, or Colorwar Sing…They are all very special in their own way. What these all have in common is that we come together as a camp and experience these events together, and I get excited each and every time. What keeps you coming back?

The entire experience and essence of Blue Ridge is what keeps me coming back. It all starts with the campers and counselors . Then mixed with the lake, sunshine, spirit, meals in the Mess Hall, general swim, traditions, and flagpole line-up (I could go on and on!) it all comes together and I keep coming back for more.

What does “we live for this” mean to you?

“We Live For This” means that there is an ever present special feeling of being connected to an awesome place – A home that I can return to every summer. I feel so fortunate that I can help create a place where others feel that connection and special feeling.