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Equinunk New Parent Meeting Notes

What sports equipment do we need to pack? Does my son really need Rollerblades?

Please pack a Tennis Racquet, Baseball Glove, and Shin Guards for soccer. While we have plenty of sports equipment at camp (lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks etc.), many campers like to bring their own gear and that is something that we encourage.

Rollerblades are very much recommended. For those campers who do not know how to rollerblade, our staff will work with your son to learn. Nearly all campers bring rollerblades to camp.

Now that you know what sports equipment to pack – you must be wondering where do you put it all! We recommend trying to pack these items in your trunk(s). If they won’t fit, a sports duffle bag is appropriate and should be sent up prior to the start of camp along with your other bags. If your son plays Spring Sports and you are not able to ship this bag prior to camp with our Trucking Company, you may place the duffle under the bus.

How much sunscreen do I need to send up? How often is sunscreen applied?

We recommend sending up two spray-bottles of Sunscreen. We apply sunscreen before swim periods (twice each day) and as needed. For campers who have fair skin and need more than two applications each day, please email scott@cecbr.com so we can make note for our Group Heads and bunk counselors.

A common theme with many of these questions will be “similar to what you may do at home.” Just as you might do; if your son has been spending a lot of time out in the sun, you may re-apply multiple times each day – we will do the same.

What is the camps electronics policy?

This winter we sent out an email addressing our newly updated Electronics Policy for Summer 2014. Any device that has Wifi capabilities is NOT permitted at camp. This includes Kindles and iPod touches. iPod Nano’s and Ipod Shuffles are allowed. If you are packing an older generation device that does not have Wifi capability, please remember games and videos must be removed.

Will my son have a “Big Buddy”?

Of course! Your son will get a big buddy on the first night of camp. This person is a role model and someone who can give a little extra special attention to your camper. Big Buddies will participate in activities and select meals together. However, it’s the unplanned time that makes this relationship so special. Buddies are chosen by the Head Counselor, Camp Directors and Group Heads.

Beyond clicking the “Refresh” button in CampInTouch when viewing photos – how do I know he is doing ok?

Your son’s Group Head will be reaching out before the summer and you will hear from them (or another member of our Leadership Team) within 24 hours. We want to let you know how amazing the first day has been! Throughout the summer we will be in constant communication with you. Feel free to call the camp office at any time 570-224-4121. You will be able to leave a message for your son’s Group Head. Remember that Group Heads are often on campus, with our campers and often return phone calls in the evening.

Your camper will also have two phone calls during the summer and as you can imagine will be writing you some good old-fashioned letters (filled with detail!).

Should I be sending a letter before camp starts?

YES! Mark down June 23rd on your calendar to mail your first letter to camp. Snail mail may take an extra day or so to reach us in Equinunk, PA so sending this letter the week before camp starts will ensure your son has a letter that first day of camp.

What is the routine for bedtime?

After a fun filled day at Equinunk and a great evening activity, campers will enjoy a snack at “Milk Bar” and go back to their bunk to get ready for bed. The counselors may have a fun story to share about their experience at Equinunk or a small activity to recap the day. Bedtime for our youngest campers is around 9:15.

If your son uses TV or an iPad to fall asleep – now is a good time to change the routine so there is a smooth transition into camp life.

How do I send medication to camp? If my camper does end up in the Health Center, how will I know?

Medication should be mailed up to camp the 2nd week of June. Please make sure to label packages and medication properly and ship to Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge 788 Legends Path, Equinunk PA 18417. All epi-pens, Benadryl and emergency inhalers should be sent up to camp on the bus and given to the Bus Counselor. It is not necessary to send up Tylenol, Advil, etc., since our Health Center stocks those items.

In the event your camper ends up in the Health Center for an overnight stay – you will receive a phone call from our Nursing Staff to make you aware. They will continue to keep you updated during your campers stay.




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