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Richie: Super Bowl XLVII Learns From CECBR Super Summers 1920-2013

We are often reminded that imitation is the greatest source of flattery and what we saw on Super Bowl Sunday merely mirrors what we see every summer at CECBR.

Our feelings were mixed watching the final game of Ray Lewis’ 17 year Hall of Fame career, because at CE and at CBR we treasure and place greater value on the virtues of integrity and humanity, rather than just applauding excellence in sports or other activities.

We weren’t too concerned when the Baltimore Ravens threatened to turn the game into a “blowout” after jumping off to a 28-6 margin, because, we’re always confident that some campers and counselors will hit their stride once they transition from home to the nurturing, warmth and fun that camp has to share with them. Just like the 49ers, they grow with confidence every moment, and make a mark for themselves as well as enriching everyone around them by summer’s end.

The unusual 35 minute power delay seems scripted from the 2011 Upper Senior Basketball Game when a spectator accidentally hit the light switch in the Social Hall and it took a little less time (only 20 minutes for us!) for the fixtures to power on. It reminds us of when an idea pops into our heads at camp, it’s like a lightbulb going on as we realize it’s time to begin an unsolicited act of kindness that makes everyone and everything around camp a little brighter.

Football, not withstanding, Beyonce’s half-time performance received great reviews, much welcomed after criticism of her recent lip-sync White House performance of the National Anthem.  She was determined to show the world that she “lives for this” and brought authenticity, humanity, and warmth with her song-sisters, Destiny’s Child.  Generations singing and cheering in the Blue Ridge Mess Hall realize the value of singing with camp sisters, a solo of many, enriches the passion, quality and depth of sisterhood.

We’re a camp of young and older, new and less new, so we were all certain that the 49ers rookie quarterback  and his Ravens  seasoned counterpart would lead with distinction and give us a “game for the ages”, just as we all make every camp season a “summer for the ages.”

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