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Staff Spotlight:

As I look towards the Summer of 2011 so many wonderful thoughts race through my head.  There are so many that I am having a hard time choosing one of another and adequately describing each makes the previous one almost seem not as great as the next.  There are so many special and important times in one summer at CE.  First and foremost the moment the first bus pulls into camp and I have the opportunity to get on the bus and welcome everyone home, seeing everyone’s smiling face and reaction from those simple but very strong words is truly amazing, from the camper that is hearing that for the first time or the veteran who now truly feels like he has arrived at his summer home, it is special.  

The first time we lineup at the flag pole and I step onto the “ROCK” for the first time, is a very thrilling moment which only continues into the mess hall that very first evening when the upper seniors of 2011 take their place in camp by leading the singing.  All of the planning that has gone into the 2011 summer starts to be put into action and everyone is on the go enjoying themselves on the field, court, lake, POOL, hobby center and E-Rena.  This year in particular I have great anticipation to everyone’s reaction to the great additions to camp, the Pool and golf facility.  

The summer of 2011 seems so far away right now with temperatures in the 30’s here on Long Island, we all know that it won’t be long before we are all back at our summer home enjoying the greatest part Camp Equinunk has to offer it’s friendship to all.

– Gil

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