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Group Head Introductions!

Hi.  My name is Jessica Wisoff and I’m the Kadette Grouphead at Camp Blue Ridge.  I’m already counting down the days to the beginning of camp.  I’m looking forward to all the fun events we have planned for the summer, especially Group Sing, Tribes, Square Dancing and Color War.  This will be my 20th summer at Blue Ridge and I think it’s fair to say that I live 10 months for 2.  During the year, I teach Special Education at a public school on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

My name is Eric Premisler.  I am going to be the Upper Inter Group Head for the summer of 2011 and I can’t wait!!  I started at Camp Equinunk in 1983 as a sophomore and rose through the ranks becoming a counselor in 1993 and eventually a Group Head in 2001.  My history in camp goes beyond my years, as my family has been in camp since the 1930s.   I am now a high school teacher and coach in Long Island, New York and look forward to many more great years at camp. Every summer brings new excitement for me.  I look forward to getting to know all of my campers and helping them experience the best summer of there lives.  Each camper is different, their desires are different, and it is an amazing chance I get to help them create an experience that they will never forget and hopefully want to continue to create other experiences in the future.  See you soon. 

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Hello to all Blue Ridge campers and families.  I too am counting the days until the beginning of the 2011 camp season.  I am Julie Dorfman and I am the girls side Athletic Director and a Group Head.  This will be my 29th summer at camp, spending many years as a camper and counselor and enjoying the same activities and traditions that all of you participate in now.  When I am not at camp, I am the Director of the Early Childhood Program at the JCC of Mid-Westchester and I also have a master’s degree in Social Work. I am lucky to have my two children at camp, Stephanie, a counselor on girl’s side and Andrew, a CIT on boy’s side.  I can’t wait for the camp season to begin so I can be surrounded by all of the beauty that fills camp; the night skies, the lake, the trees, the campfires and of course the voices of  the many Blue Ridge campers singing.  

Dear CIT Boys,

I’m really excited to be returning for my second summer at Equinunk. I hope you boys are ready to embark in a new chapter of your camping life. Be ready to offer these younger campers the same love that you were offered. I can’t wait to see all of you in 2 months. Remember the flag is ours this year!

Steve Scharf

As I finish up my graduate school days, I am looking forward to camp in so many ways! For 10 months I’ve missed the mess hall sounds, the singing and cheering makes us the best camp around!  I’m waiting for the Thursday night BBQ’s that we’ll have together, meeting new campers and great Blue Ridge weather.  “Endless Summer” dance parties in the amphitheater too, isn’t everything better when we’re wearing grey and blue?  So pack your trunks, get your spirit set…2011 will be the best summer yet!

– Amy Scheck

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