CE Color War: The EPIC End

Color War came to an end in dramatic fashion Tuesday night as the entire camp watched and cheered the Upper Seniors in a softball game on the Marty Gelobter Diamond. This game is the traditional final event of the War however this year it took on extra meaning. Gray needed to win to draw completely even with Red, which they did, forcing an overall tie in Color War. To break the tie, a one-inning game was played – worth a single point – and a winner was declared.

The Gray team won the flip and elected to bat first in the extra inning. They did not score and the pressure went directly to their shoulders. The first Red batter got on base, then came all the way around to score on a single to right field, setting off an eruption of elation from the Red team. The boys stormed into center field, dancing and jumping and singing and cheering, celebrating the exciting finish and their victory in Color War by a final score of 1098-1097.

From the field both teams went to the flagpole area for Closing Ceremonies, which were especially poignant. Camp dignitaries offered some final words, and each Chief gave a final speech, the culminating moment of their camping careers. Everyone then sang the camp alma mater, Taps and once again the boys were reunited as one group, not divided as two teams.

That instant when Color War is declared over and the boys embrace their friends from both teams, completely spent physically and emotionally, is the defining moment of Camp Equinunk. It is the moment when new campers and counselors “Get It”, and understand all the flowing of good feeling emanating from this place all summer.

An intensely fierce rivalry for three and one half days comes crumbling down in an instant, as everyone reverts back to that which is more important – the shared bond and love they have for their friends, brothers, counselors and of course, camp.

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