CBR Color War: The Heroic Journey

Color War 2011 made history at Blue Ridge.  It began with a break in the mess hall, stemming from a celebration to honor Sue Grey and Jessica Wisoff’s 20th summer at camp.  Blue Journey and Grey Heroes were revealed and everyone found out what teams they were on.  We gathered at opening ceremonies where the key counselors and campers on each team were introduced.  We were reminded that although we would be divided for the next 3 days into Blue and Grey teams, we are still one camp and one family who support each other.

Then, the games began!  The first day included 3 Senior team handball games and several other group events.  Indoor Games in the evening was the first all-camp event, and found everyone cheering on the runners on both teams.

The second day consisted of group games in the morning.  In the afternoon, there was an upper camp swim meet, a big team running relay, and lower camp capture the flag and tug-of-war.  Going into the PC volleyball games at night, Grey was in the lead and then won both volleyball games.

The next morning, Blue made a big comeback, as they came within 60 points of the Grey team during group games.  As the scores inched closer, you could feel spirits rising and both teams getting excited.  After an afternoon of a lower camp swim meet and upper camp capture the flag and tug-of-war, it was time for the night that the PC girls have been waiting for forever: their PC basketball game.  The Lower Seniors painted their bodies blue and grey to support the girls and motivate the rest of the camp to cheer and have spirit at the game.  Grey led for much of the game, and then, the unexpected- with the score 33-31 and Grey leading with exactly one second left, a blue player gave it all she had and took a far 3-point shot- and it swished in.  The final score: 33-34, Blue.  The Blue team stormed the court, victorious, but players on both teams appreciated the historic moment, as a Blue Ridge PC basketball game has never ended that way before.                        

With Blue now in the lead in Color War, the last day really made a difference!  Everyone played their hearts out at their morning group activities and was attentive at song rehearsal as they prepared for the big night of sing.  Throughout the day at meals, we listened to speeches given by the key people about the meaning of camp in their lives.  We know that everyone looks up to these important chiefs, assistant chiefs, and keymen as role models and one day aspires to be able to give their own color war speeches.                      

Finally, it was time for Color War Sing, the culminating event of a summer at Blue Ridge.  On this night, it is easy to see how much everyone loves camp and each other.  We heard powerful marches, sentimental alma maters, and peppy cheers from both teams.  It is evident on the faces of the girls as they sing and the absolute attention of the other team as they watch how much we all love this place and wish for more time together.  In the end, the Grey team won sing and the Blue team won Color War.  When the scores were read, both teams rushed into the middle of the social hall to embrace, relieved to be together again after 3 and a half days apart.

After sing, the girls went back to their bunks ready for an exciting night with the groupheads, who were in charge of the bunks for the evening.  Everyone enjoyed just being together and doing various activities under the stars as they unwound from the intensity of Color War.  As quickly as it had begun, Color War was over and our family was once again united.

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