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Color War Breaks at Equinunk

War has broken.

In the sunshine of midmorning before all of Camp Equinunk and Blue Ridge a helicopter appeared above the hotel, sending the boys into a frenzy. It circled the lower diamond once before hovering over center field when people aboard dropped the Color War sheets and the cannon blew three times, signaling the start of the Greatest of all Color Jubilees.

The camp had gathered for Saturday morning services and while just about everyone thought something was up, they became lost in the moment of the service and the speeches giving out the “E” and “B” Awards to campers and counselors. Some of the girls were singing, which drowned out the sound of the approaching chopper. At a break in the singing it was more audible before coming over onto campus.

Shouts were heard, smiles were seen, hugs were given and tears of joy were shed over the realization of lifelong dreams. The teams for this year’s war are Red Elite vs. Gray Synergy. It is amazing how quickly the teams invent new cheers and even more amazing how so many of them last a lifetime.

Earlier in the morning at breakfast, there was a fake break put on by the CITs, which is tradition. The waiters brought out a plate for dessert which had an apple on it for each table. There was also a message telling campers to “Check your bed”.  Word spread like wildfire and in an instant the Mess Hall emptied with everyone sprinting to see if this was the real thing. It was a scene remnant of the movie “Back to School” when a rumor went around that a new course on Bruce Springsteen was open for registration and everyone wanted in.

In any event, it has been a fabulous day at camp. For the first time in a while it is hot, the sun has been out all day long and it truly feels like summer. This evening the campers will participate in Indoor Games, followed by the entire camp watching the Senior All-Star Roller Hockey Game up in the E-Rena.

There have already been over 200 points earned and by tonight we will be in full swing.

To those of you regular followers of this blog, please note there will not be regular posts for the duration of Color War. The camp Twitter feed and Facebook page will be updated with Color War information as the games go on and we will certainly try to put up new posts as time permits.

The time of year has arrived. The thing your children talk about constantly over the winter is here, it is now. Color War 2014 has broken.

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