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Friday Evening & Another Richie Kamen Story

Hello from East Hampton!

Every Friday night at camp we have the privilege of listening to Richie’s stories. It is certainly one of our weekly highlights and now you can listen to some of your favorites in your very own home and year-round!

Over the next few weeks we will continue to post stories to our Blog, New Media Center located in the Current Families Section of our website and iCamp! The hope is that you download each and every one of these stories to create a set!

For this week we decided to do something special – we are posting THREE tracks! One of which is a Bugle call recorded from one of our very own CA girls, Chloe! Play the tracks in order and it will all make sense! Enjoy and as Richie would say after finishing his stories on Friday night…”Shabbat Shalom.”

The CECBR Insider Team

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