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Lori’s 50th Summer

From the moment I stepped off the bus in June of 1966, with my Yankee cap on, and baseball glove in hand – I knew that my life would change forever…and I was right. I’m about to spend my 50th summer at Camp Blue Ridge, and the impact that camp has had on my life has truly been remarkable (for those doing the math – I missed 4 summers after I got married in 1984, and Amy was born in August of 1987 – that made it difficult to come to camp that summer).  

Growing up as a camper, I found a place that was warm, welcoming and supportive – a place where I could thrive, be myself, have fun – a place where I was free. I’m amazed to say that over 50 years later, I still feel the same way about camp. My goal is to continue to provide this same environment for every camper and counselor that spends their summers at Camp Blue Ridge.  

When I reflect on my 50 summers, I am overwhelmed by the memories, stories, and emotions. I can tell stories about Tribes, Color War, camp shows, the waterfront, my friends, my counselors, activities, HQ, being in the bunk, the flagpole – the list is endless. I would be happy to share a story with all of you this summer – just ask when you see me around camp. 

The connections and relationships I’ve made over the years are the most special part of my 50-year journey at camp. Whether it’s a lifetime friend, a coworker, or a camper that was in my bunk for only one summer – those relationships and connections have enriched my life since 1966 

A heartfelt thank you to Richie, Sheryl, and Adam for being such a huge part of my 50 years at camp.  

So…everybody up, up, up! It’s going to be an amazing 50th summer. I’m looking forward to 50 more!  




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