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Monday Morning CE Color War Update!

Over the course of the summer we have made note of some moments and events which were out of the ordinary. In the six weeks past there has been Red, White and Blue Day, Visiting Day, Alumni Day, Boys Sing, mini-trip day, Trip Day, the Marty Gelobter Games, College Games, Carnival, the Wounded Warrior Run, Color War Cheering and the Color War break, just to name a few. But all of those pale in comparison to what we have arrived at once again.

As of this writing it is five to eight in the morning on Monday, August 11 which for 2014 is the day of days. Every camper, counselor, Color War Judge and camp administrator will wake to the electricity in the air knowing tonight we will have reached the top of the mountain.

The boys will go through Color War activities today, and will fill the fields with intensity and pride. But come tonight in the Social Hall the camp summer will be at its apex with the climax of summer, The Upper Senior Basketball Game.

People will come from far and wide just to be on campus this afternoon and tonight for Equinunk’s signature event in which the oldest campers play a basketball game in front of several hundred people, from the screaming teams to former Color War Chiefs all spanning some six or seven decades of camp history.

It is a date camp Alumni mark on their calendar a year in advance, taking work vacations, days off, or just leaving the office early today to make sure they are in camp tonight. The Opening Ceremonies in which the Hall will be packed, all former Chiefs introduced and the game itself are teeming with pageantry and tradition. In short, it is our most special of nights.

To give you an update on Color War, as of Monday morning wakeup Red is holding a 220-point lead over Gray, however with so many events to be played today and so many points available, anything can happen.

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