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Presidential Candidates To Visit Blue Ridge and Equinunk This Summer

Fresh off dramatic “Super Tuesday” wins, presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have announced plans for a mid-summer caucus and debate at Blue Ridge and Equinunk.

Many of our PCs and Upper Seniors were notified by email, Instagram and Twitter that the presidential hopefuls will be seeking their support and endorsements even though they are too young to vote.

Based on early returns, the young women and men in our Senior groups are excited to meet the Blue and Red candidates because they support their gender representation and the Seniors are hopeful that the timing of the event can provide the impetus for more meaningful and positive campaign dialogue.

As many of you know, the mid-August excitement and cheering in each Mess Hall transcends anything we’ve seen during the Primaries. The PCs and Upper Seniors are confident that both presidential candidates will be transformed by experiencing the joy and excitement that all of us at camp have for each and every candidate
who is cheered for Chief.

As the candidates continue onto the final road to November, Blue Ridge and Equinunk have great hopes for more positive, respectful and a tolerant campaign and future for our country….the same values we embrace every day at camp.