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As I am sitting at my kitchen table in the morning darkness, miles and miles away from Equinunk and Blue Ridge, about two hours before reveille, my fingers and toes are crossed, superstitiously, wishing for an “all clear” bugle call announcing the beginning of camp. Since the daily reports, information and opinions of leading “experts” appear to change from moment to moment, I try to control my emotional swings.  This reminds me of the two minute drill in football where one team drives the length of the field to take the lead to the elation of their fans, only to have the victory snapped from their grasp, by the opponent kicking the winning field goal as the clock expires. The passion that many of us have for sport is founded in our love for the game, the loyalty for our team, wearing our colors on Game Day and the hope that in the end we will prevail.

Camp is like that…. love, loyalty, uniforms and the hope that our children will prevail. Although we can’t predict what will happen in the coming weeks, we can hope and we can count on what we do know that is true. Sheryl and Adam and their leadership team are steadfast in a resolve to get camp ready to open. That’s genuine! Camp parents, campers and staff have universally sent emails, written letters that zoom hope, empathy and unwavering support. Wayne County camps are in constant communication with one another sharing their letters to parents as well as their hopes, strategies and brother/sisterhood. That’s a pretty amazing display of compassion form competitors!! In a recent conversation with the directors of three nearby camps, I told them if we didn’t own our camp, I would be proud to send our grandchildren to theirs! Such is the greatness of people and camping.

I continue to count on my family, friends and all you guys to continue a lifetime of summers. Please continue to support one another and keep your fingers and toes crossed!!.



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