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Staff Spotlight: Welcoming Nicki Alpern To CECBR!

Quick Hits:

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Favorite Band: Maroon 5
Hobbies: Traveling, Dance, Zumba
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am from Boca Raton, Florida and I love spending my summers at camp! I have spent 17 summers at a sleep away camp in the Catskills as a camper and staff member. I have dabbled in a little bit of everything at camp, from camper to junior counselor, counselor, group leader, and assistant programming director. I started out as a shy 8 year old at camp and little did I know how much camp would shape me into the outgoing and adventurous person I am today! I spent the past two years teaching English in Madrid, Spain. It was an amazing experience to live, work, and travel abroad and I know that I have camp to thank for that!

My hobbies include dance, cheerleading, zumba, traveling, and playing with my dog Kylie. I love being active but if I may reveal a secret, I’m not athletic at all! Camp has taught me that you don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it!

What are you most excited about?

I am really looking forward to getting to know the girls of Blue Ridge and learning about the culture and traditions. I am also looking forward to sharing my camp experiences and stories. I’ve heard amazing things about the CECBR community and am very excited to become a part of something so special.

What is your favorite camp quote? Camp is like a joke you have to be there to get it. (it’s so true!)

Favorite camp moment:

It’s so hard to pinpoint one favorite moment! There are just too many! Sometimes, it’s those moments just sitting around laughing over nothing with your camp friends which are the best ones. Also I found watching my former campers grow up to be amazing counselors a very rewarding experience.

What is your favorite camp meal?

Hands down, French toast (with extra powdered sugar), but barbeque is a close second!

What is your favorite camp activity?

I enjoy anything that involves dance and I love zumba! I also like gaga and a game called BBG – it’s a mix of basketball and kickball!

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