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The Story Behind The Stories

We’ve been running into camp families everywhere we travel and hearing how much they are enjoying Richie’s stories.  Our hope for you is that you will listen to them over and over and begin to tell them and re-tell them, re-make them and re-invent them in your own way. Embellishments of the original tales have been added to and augmented in bedtime re-telling’s for generations of Equinunk and Blue Ridge campers.

To grow-up steeped in these telling’s is to learn two unforgettable lessons: first, that some of these stories may have not been “completely” true.  (There are no real genies in bottles or flying carpets) but even if they were not true they could make you feel and know truths that the truth could not tell you, and second that they all belong to you, just as they belong to us.  They are yours to alter and renew, yours to laugh at and live in , to give these stories life and to be given life by them in return. The stories are your Equinunk and Blue Ridge birthright.

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