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What Makes Camp, Camp?

What makes camp, camp? 

Some say the friends, some say the traditions, some say a little bit of both but I think everyone can agree that it is the people who make Equinunk and Blue Ridge such a special place. Whether it be Sheryl and Richie, Nicki and Adam, Lori and Gil, Hilary and John, Ralphie and Lilla, a counselor and a lifeguard, maybe even Stan, everyone who has spent time at Equinunk and Blue Ridge has been positively influenced by a CECBR Staff member.  

It is these staff members, not a treehouse, basketball court, amphitheater, or Color War Break that makes Equinunk and Blue Ridge what it is today. It is through the hard work, attention to detail, and level of care of these staff members that separate Equinunk and Blue Ridge.  

You may have noticed but rather than leading up to camp with a “countdown” social media campaign we are doing “Staff Spotlights” on Instagram that showcases some of our extraordinary staff members. Check out our Staff Spotlight Campaign or see what’s going on at Equinunk and Blue Ridge by clicking here.  


-Eric Iskols, CE Camper Liaison 

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