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Blue Ridge New Parent Meeting Notes

How much sunscreen do I need to send up? How often is sunscreen applied?

We recommend sending up at least two spray-bottles of Sunscreen, the “face-sticks” are also great. We apply sunscreen before swim periods (twice each day) and as needed. For campers who have fair skin and need more than two applications each day, please email Nicki@cecbr.com so that we can make a note for our Group Heads and bunk counselors.

A common theme with many of these questions will be “similar to what you may do at home.” Just as you might do; if your daughter has been spending a lot of time out in the sun, you may re-apply multiple times each day – we will do the same.

What is the camps electronics policy?

This winter we sent out an email addressing our newly updated Electronics Policy for Summer 2014. Any device that has Wifi capabilities is NOT permitted at camp. This includes Kindles and iPod touches. iPod Nano’s and Shuffles are allowed. If you are packing an older generation device that does not have Wifi capability, please remember games and videos must be removed. We also do not recommend that you send digital cameras to camp and prefer that you send disposable cameras. We do not allow pictures to be taken inside the bunk.

Will my daughter have a “Big Sister”?

Of course! All new campers receive a Big Sister on the first night of camp. This person is a role model and someone who can give a little extra special attention to your camper. Big Sisters will participate in activities and some special events together.

Beyond clicking the “Refresh” button in CampInTouch when viewing photos – how do I know she is doing ok?

Your daughter’s Group Head will be reaching out before the summer and you will hear from them (or another member of our Leadership Team) within 24 hours. We want to let you know how amazing the first day has been! Throughout the summer we will be in constant communication with you. Feel free to call the camp at any time 570-224-4121. You will be able to leave a message for your daughter’s Group Head. Remember that Group Heads are often on campus, with our campers and often return phone calls in the evening.

Your camper will also have two phone calls during the summer and as you can imagine will be writing you some good old-fashioned letters (filled with detail!). A phone call schedule will be sent out soon. Please let us know if you need to re-schedule your phone call to a different time.

Should I be sending a letter before camp starts?

YES! Mark down June 23rd on your calendar to mail your first letter to camp. Snail mail may take an extra day or so to reach us in Equinunk, PA so sending this letter the week before camp starts will ensure your son has a letter that first day of camp. We also recommend putting a small “surprise” – such as a note or small stuffed animal in with the trunks for when your daughters arrive at camp.

What is the routine for bedtime?

After a fun filled day at Blue Ridge and a great evening activity, campers will enjoy a snack at “Milk Bar” and go back to their bunk to get ready for bed. Bedtime varies by age group. For our youngest campers, it is around 9:15.

If your daughter uses TV or an iPad to fall asleep – now is a good time to change the routine so there is a smooth transition into camp life. They are welcome to read or listen to music before bed.

How do I send medication to camp? If my camper does end up in the Health Center, how will I know?

Medication should be mailed up to camp the 2nd week of June. Please make sure to label packages and medication properly and ship to Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge 788 Legends Path, Equinunk PA 18417. All epi-pens, Benadryl and emergency inhalers should be sent up to camp on the bus and given to the Bus Counselor. It is not necessary to send up Tylenol, Advil, etc., since our Health Center stocks those items.

In the event your camper ends up in the Health Center for an overnight stay – you will receive a phone call from our Nursing Staff to make you aware. They will continue to keep you updated during your campers stay.

I am concerned about my daughter’s hygiene, who will help her? 

We keep a close eye on our camper’s hygiene and make sure that they are showering, brushing their teeth and hair, and wearing clean clothing. Counselors assist younger campers in brushing and putting up their hair.

Where will my daughter put all of her “stuff?”

Our counselors unpack our lower camp campers prior to camp. There are three drawers under each bed for underwear, swimsuits, and pajamas. All additional clothing is put in the back room area – where each camper has a cubby and small closest space. We recommend that you show your child what has been packed for them so that they are aware of what is coming to camp with them! Please consult our packing list for what items to send to camp, it is not necessary to send additional items since there is not space!


Staff Spotlight: Welcoming Nicki Alpern To CECBR!

Quick Hits:

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Favorite Band: Maroon 5
Hobbies: Traveling, Dance, Zumba
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am from Boca Raton, Florida and I love spending my summers at camp! I have spent 17 summers at a sleep away camp in the Catskills as a camper and staff member. I have dabbled in a little bit of everything at camp, from camper to junior counselor, counselor, group leader, and assistant programming director. I started out as a shy 8 year old at camp and little did I know how much camp would shape me into the outgoing and adventurous person I am today! I spent the past two years teaching English in Madrid, Spain. It was an amazing experience to live, work, and travel abroad and I know that I have camp to thank for that!

My hobbies include dance, cheerleading, zumba, traveling, and playing with my dog Kylie. I love being active but if I may reveal a secret, I’m not athletic at all! Camp has taught me that you don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it!

What are you most excited about?

I am really looking forward to getting to know the girls of Blue Ridge and learning about the culture and traditions. I am also looking forward to sharing my camp experiences and stories. I’ve heard amazing things about the CECBR community and am very excited to become a part of something so special.

What is your favorite camp quote? Camp is like a joke you have to be there to get it. (it’s so true!)

Favorite camp moment:

It’s so hard to pinpoint one favorite moment! There are just too many! Sometimes, it’s those moments just sitting around laughing over nothing with your camp friends which are the best ones. Also I found watching my former campers grow up to be amazing counselors a very rewarding experience.

What is your favorite camp meal?

Hands down, French toast (with extra powdered sugar), but barbeque is a close second!

What is your favorite camp activity?

I enjoy anything that involves dance and I love zumba! I also like gaga and a game called BBG – it’s a mix of basketball and kickball!

Catching Up With Blue Ridge Head Counselor, Lori Scheck!

We caught up with Blue Ridge Head Counselor Lori Scheck and asked her some questions about Summer 2013 and camp itself! Check it out:

What are some of your favorite camp moments?

One of my favorite camp moments every summer is watching each camper walk down the Social Hall floor during formation of Group Sing.  Seeing all those huge smiles is incredible and the sheer excitement is so apparent as each camper makes their own contribution to Sing. The returning campers are so happy to be taking part in another Sing, however, it’s watching the first year campers which makes the moment so special for me. The looks on their faces are priceless, knowing that they have now become part of the history and tradition of Blue Ridge.

Any advice for anyone new to Equiunk and Blue Ridge?

I would advise all new campers to try something new, perhaps something they never even thought that they would do. And, do this with new friends! It might be swimming in the lake, or climbing the wall, or trying out for a show. Even if you are not sure if you will like something…give it a try and ask a friend to do it with you! We will be there supporting you and cheering you on

 Are there any special events you are looking forward to this summer?

All of them!! It’s hard to pick just one. Whether it’s Sports Day, Tribal Day, Square Dancing, or Colorwar Sing…They are all very special in their own way. What these all have in common is that we come together as a camp and experience these events together, and I get excited each and every time. What keeps you coming back?

The entire experience and essence of Blue Ridge is what keeps me coming back. It all starts with the campers and counselors . Then mixed with the lake, sunshine, spirit, meals in the Mess Hall, general swim, traditions, and flagpole line-up (I could go on and on!) it all comes together and I keep coming back for more.

What does “we live for this” mean to you?

“We Live For This” means that there is an ever present special feeling of being connected to an awesome place – A home that I can return to every summer. I feel so fortunate that I can help create a place where others feel that connection and special feeling.